Just Breathe…


Good day my friends! 

I hope you are all having a lovely Friday and TGIF, am I right? I am totally beat from going back to work today after all of the recent madness. I will admit it was a bit difficult getting back into the groove. Even though I haven’t really taken many days off for the holidays, it has been a bit slow at work so I got pretty used to breezing by each day. But now that the holidays are over, it’s full speed ahead! And while I am starting to feel the stress in my body because of all the rushing around, I am consciously trying to make this year different. I am trying to slow down, rest, and give myself time to refresh, rather than waiting until my body is crying for a break to take one. Hey it’s all part of the self love journey right?; giving yourself that time to breathe rather than rushing through from one activity to the next.

With all that said I bring us to the next part of our journey.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #002: Stop Rushing and Breathe. 

Take a moment and simply catch your breath. Most of us rush through the day going from one activity to the next. Half the time we aren’t even aware that we are even alive. We act like robots moving from one task to another without even thinking twice. All that we care about is getting it done and getting it done right that second! Everything seems to have a demand or time constraint. We even sometimes place these “time demands” on ourselves without even realizing it – “Have to get dinner done by 7pm!” “Have to go to the grocery store after work TODAY!” “Have to have everything done on my to-do list by 2pm!”

Sound familiar? Yup. It’s all too familiar to me. I am constantly putting these self-appointed time demands on myself and for absolutely no good reason besides that I want them done by then. But in reality who cares? Is it going to kill you if you get dinner done at 7:15pm instead of 7:30pm? Is your family going to starve to death? Do you really have to go to the grocery store right after work? Why not go home, take a shower, take a few minutes to just breathe and then go later on? Or who is demanding that you have to get everything done on your list by 2pm? Are you being graded? Are you going to fail the test of life if you absolutely don’t finish EVERYTHING on your list by then or even at all that day? NOPE!

So why are you rushing? What ultimate reward are you going to receive if you finish your task “on time”? Is it approval? Is it praise? Is it really worth driving yourself insane for it? NOPE! So why do we continue to rush constantly throughout our days? Why do we drive ourselves crazy trying to stuff as many tasks as we can into one day? What good does it really bring besides making our days pass by faster without any true enjoyment.

I’m realizing that the more I try to stuff into my day, the less productive and less happy I actually feel because all it does is make me stress out about all the things I HAVE to get done. That tiny yet weighty word that we all tell ourselves day after day. “HAVE TO.” You don’t HAVE TO get anything done, my friends. You always have a choice. Yes, you may have responsibilities and obligations, but you can choose to view them as something you CHOOSE to do rather than HAVE to do. It makes the activity more pleasant that way, don’t you think? Look at it this way:

I HAVE TO go grocery shopping today so I can feed myself (or my family) or I choose to go grocery shopping today so I can feed myself or my family. 

Now which one sounds more pleasant to you? Obviously choosing to do something means that you actually WANT to do it because you either care about or have some sort of personal investment into it. But when you HAVE to do something, it makes it seem like a chore that you really don’t want to spend timing doing and then it makes the task very unpleasant and obligatory instead.

So next time you start to feel the weight of your to-do list on your shoulders, take a moment and just breathe. Don’t rush through it and put an unnecessary time demand on yourself to finish it all. You don’t HAVE to. Choose to do each task and do it in a non-rushing, joyful way instead. Maybe even go so far and learn how to enjoy doing tasks that aren’t so pleasant. Change your perspective on them, and maybe you can find some kind of joy hidden in doing them (hint at tomorrow’s daily challenge!!).

And don’t forget to breathe. Take that moment to just stop and catch your breath. It’s so important. You don’t want to rush through your day and not remember what it is you even did. You want to be able to enjoy the little moments throughout your day and appreciate all that life has to offer, even if it’s simply just sitting quietly with yourself and giving yourself that moment to just breathe.


Christina Ciro