Get Connected!


I read an article in a near by town’s local publication this past weekend, which was on self love. Before opening up the pages I had assumed it would be another one of those typical list articles that say “10 ways to love yourself this year” and list a bunch of cliche things, such as giving yourself a massage, taking an hour for yourself each day, etc. But when I finally began to read the article, it surprised me that the article really wasn’t centered around loving yourself at all, but rather making a connection with other human beings in this world, which it claimed would bring upon a joyful feeling within yourself and the other person.

At first, it didn’t make sense to me. How does making a simple connection with another human being, make you feel love for yourself as well? Then, as I began to think a bit deeper, I thought that maybe it was similar to the idea of serving others. Because when we serve others, we feel a deeper sense of happiness within ourselves as well as more confident in our own identities. And maybe also when we connect with others, by waving hello to a stranger, or asking someone how their day is, we also feel a deeper sense of happiness, but in a different way. I think the happiness comes from simply connecting. I think as humans it is part of our nature to crave that connection with other human beings – similar to the idea of when we find out we have things in common with someone we just met. It gives us a surge of happiness because we feel understood by someone outside of ourselves.

With social media growing rapidly, I feel like this simple human connection that we used to have on a daily basis, is not becoming more and more rare. People these days bow their heads as they pass each other in the hallways in order to not look into each other’s eyes or say a quick “hello.” We are making less phone calls and sending more text messages or emails. Whatever happened to in-person contact? Do we even remember how to have a conversation face to face? It’s pretty sad. As much as I love technology, I do miss old fashioned communication and I will admit that human connection is becoming more rare because of all of these new forms of communication. I would even go so far as saying that people deep down are craving human connection even more so than ever before, but everyone is so afraid to admit it out of fear of being outside the norm.

So today’s challenge is inspired by the idea of old fashioned communication.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #005: Wave hello to someone you know (or don’t know!)

I think a simple wave is enough to make someone feel like they have been noticed. I know that when people wave to me randomly, I feel a little odd at first, but then I realize it’s SO nice to be noticed. To acknowledge that “hey you’re human, and i’m human!” rather than pretending that we’re of different species and can’t connect. And then sometimes a simple wave will spark up a conversation, and then a conversation may lead to making a new friend! But even just a simple hello is enough to make you feel a sense of well being and deep happiness. Double points when you are the one who waves hello first because then it makes you feel good that you are making someone else feel good too. And then everybody feels good and it’s a win-win!

So don’t be afraid. I guarantee everyone around you is just as fearsome. No one wants to make the move first because they don’t want to look like the odd man out. But what if we all just start saying hello again like we used to before the days of social media. Instead of running to our computers to post on someone’s wall, let’s call them up instead and share something funny about our days. It’s not weird! And if it is, so what! Let’s all be weird then.

I tried out this experiment today. I’m really not one to socialize at all, regardless of social media. Mainly because I have a form of social anxiety, but also because I’ve just always been the shy girl. But lately, I’ve been trying to come out of my shell and socialize because it really does make you feel connected to other people, and it’s not as scary as you think. People are a lot more understanding than you give them credit to be. I always believed that people would think I’m a total freak if I decided to start talking. And while there will always be those odd few that do, most other people are simply just looking for someone to talk to as well. And it’s not a bad thing. We’re human. We like to share experiences. I mean isn’t that kind of the point of life? Well amongst other things of course, but at least ONE of the points of life.

So today I decided to wave back or ask “how are you” back instead of simply dismissing it or brushing it off like I normally would. And I found myself smiling inside. Someone waved to me in the hallway today and I waved back enthusiastically and we both left with a smile. And then another person asked me how my weekend was, and normally I would just say fine but I actually opened up and it started up a conversation and then I turned around and asked them about theirs and 30 minutes later we were still laughing. But this is what a connection is all about. It’s about communicating and understanding one another. It’s about enjoying each other’s company. And it’s really a great feeling. It makes you feel loved and in turn, you are also giving love to the other person.

So there you have it folks. Making a connection can be a form of self love. It is giving yourself love by allowing yourself to connect with other human beings and find understanding. I dare you. Go out and wave “hello.” Yeah, you may get a few weird looks at first, but i guarantee there will be at least one person who will wave back and it will totally make you day.


Christina Ciro