Let it Be. Let it Be.


Some days, like today for me for example, you’re not going to feel up to doing anything. Pushing yourself into happy mode. Doing anything nice for yourself. Trying to be positive. Trying to grow in to a better person. Some days, like today, you’re going to want to simply be lazy. You’re not going to want to put on a fake smiley face because frankly it’s just a blah day and it takes too much effort.

And while the world mostly frowns upon people who are generally unhappy, I honestly don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I’m not saying to be the local grump or sulk your days away, but if you’re having an off day, then just let it be.

Give yourself permission to not do anything about it. Sulk if you want to sulk. Accept the emotions your feeling instead of trying to push them away and replace them with fake cheeriness or positivity. Some times the best way of loving ourselves can simply be allowing ourselves to just be.

So in honor of me having an off day and feeling somewhat mellow, today’s self love challenge is…

The Self Love Daily Challenge #008: Let yourself be. 

Having an off day? Let it be. Having a great day? Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Thank you Beatles for that lovely piece of advice.

Sometimes you just don’t want to try and I think it’s perfectly ok. I think some days we have to allow ourselves a moment to just sit with our emotions. I think that if we resist them all the time they will start to grow into uglier things like bitterness or anger or regret and we don’t want to cross into those territories. But when we give ourselves permission to take a few hours (or even a day) to just sit and be mellow, it can actually be a good thing in the long run. Maybe it will allow us to dig deeper inside our heads for a moment and figure out what is truly bothering us. Maybe it will even bring upon some kind of want for change in our lives. Maybe it will inspire us to do something different.

I don’t think we should always run away from difficult, unwanted emotions. I think sometimes those emotions need to be felt. It’s our mind’s way of telling us something is obviously not right and we need to change it. Maybe we are simply overworked and that’s why we feel so listless. Maybe there is a secret desire in our hearts that we haven’t been able to achieve and that’s why we feel so depressed? Maybe deep down we are crying out for help for something we are struggling with and our body is saying enough is enough, get me some help! Whatever it is, our off days rarely come for no reason at all. There is most often than not a deeper reason for why we randomly feel blue.

But the only way you are ever going to figure out why is if you allow yourself to sit there and feel. To let the emotions come and go like waves of the sea. Understand that the emotion won’t last forever. It is not permanent so there is no need to be afraid of it. Emotions will always pass, even if sometimes they seem to linger for a lot longer than we’d like for them to. But eventually all things pass. Eventually you will figure out what’s wrong. Eventually what’s wrong will be fixed and you will feel ok again.

Today I am battling an off day. I didn’t even feel like writing a blog post, but I knew I had to push myself to do at least just that if not anything more. But I will just let it be today. I’m not going to avoid my sadness or force myself into a happy mood. I know it will eventually pass with time. But I’m also going to take this time to sit with what I’m feeling. To think about the things that are troubling me deep down. To see if there are any changes I can make right now and if there are, then maybe I can begin to figure out a plan on how to make them. But for the rest of the day, I’m going to take it easy on myself. Not beat myself up for feeling this way, but give myself the love and patience and kindness I deserve – realizing that everybody has off days and it’s ok sometimes to just let it be.


Christina Ciro