Seize the day!

It’s raining. Not an ultimate shocker during winter but sort of a shocker to those of us living in Southern California who are used to it being 70 degrees normally in the winter months. For being in a drought, we have been getting quite a few rainstorms lately so I guess that’s a good thing.

But nonetheless, I’m not a rain kind of person. Sure, I like watching it from my window as I cuddle under some blankets, read a good book and sip some tea. But it can also put a major damper on my weekend plans. I like going out. I like enjoying the sun. I love going to the beach or walking around town. But when it’s pouring and cold and my clothes are soggy, I start to become a bit of grump. I get a bit depressed because I long for the sun and start to get annoyed because everything I want to do has to wait.

But then I thought… Why does it have to wait? Yeah sure, nobody likes to get soaked in the rain but what if there could be a way to make things fun even in cold, rainy whether? Or take it a step further and what if we can choose to seize the day regardless of what the weathers like or how our mornings started or whatever it may be that puts a damper on our days?

The Self Love Daily challenge #010: Seize the day!

Instead of allowing things to ruin our happiness, let’s take a moment and see how we can turn it around and enjoy it rather than allow it to ruin our entire day. Even if everything seems to be going wrong, let’s find a way to make it go right. So you spilled coffee on your pants, woke up an hour late, and hit every red light on your way to work. Totally sucks right. Stop for a moment. Stop rushing. Stop worrying. Stop getting upset or frustrated. See how you can seize the moment instead. Ruined pants? Hmm excuse to go shopping! Slept in late? Oh well, got some more rest. Hit every red light? Hey could be for a bigger reason like God preventing an accident?

There’s always a silver lining in every cloud. There’s always a positive that comes out of every negative even if we may not be able to see it right away. There’s always some kind of good that can come out of every bad even if we don’t believe it to be possible.

The day can always get brighter if we choose to view it to be. If we just stop and choose to seize moments instead, maybe we’d appreciate life a little more or find a little more joy in our days. Instead of looking at the millions of tiny pictures, we can look at the much bigger one. So what if your morning started out crappy? Turn it around in the afternoon. So what if it’s raining today, I’m going to go have some fun! Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean I have to sit inside and sulk around waiting for the sun to come out again. I can still make plans. I can still find enjoyment throughout my day.

So today, instead of focusing on all the bad that surrounds you, stop and seize the day. Make the most of it even if life is handing you a pile of lemons.