The Power of Choice.


Our days consist of choices. Every day we essentially choose to get out of bed, to shower, to get dressed, eat breakfast, go about our days by either going to work or school or whatever it may be that fills the in between, and then come home, move forth with our nightly routines and go to bed only to start all over again the next day. But in between all of that are the choices that fill our days. We may not realize it but every thing we do is a choice, even down to how we feel.

We can choose to feel happy. We can choose to feel angry. We can choose to be grateful or we can choose to not care. All of these choices impact our days. When we choose to feel happy, our day seems brighter, more enjoyable. But if we choose to feel sad, then we allow ourselves to be more easily affected by things. Everything bothers us. Everything irritates us. Why? Because we are choosing it to.

Many people don’t realize choosing how we feel is a choice and that whatever decision we make, that emotion will rule how we feel that day. Because our thoughts influences our emotions. If we have good thoughts, we will have positive emotions or will be more likely to have them. Yes, sometimes it may not work that way because our day may really be bad, and that’s ok, but if we choose to at least keep a little bit of positivity and loving thoughts in our heads than maybe it won’t be as bad, as say, if we kept negative thoughts in our heads.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #011: Be aware of your choices today.

Make a conscious effort today with the choices you make. Don’t allow your emotions to rule your day, rather rule your emotions by choosing to be happy or joyful or thankful. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but that is why I say make a conscious effort. When we do things more mindfully, we are actually doing them with more awareness. Most people go about their days without thinking twice of what actions or choices they are making. And then they end up feeling like a mess and wonder what went wrong or how did they even end up this way? We so easily fall into this trap because we are living so unaware. We just do rather than taking a conscious moment to think and then choose more wisely.

I know I have to work on this more, but like everything else, it can only be perfected with practice. Maybe you won’t get it right away and that’s ok. But don’t give up, just try and try again. Maybe every time you start to feel a little bit of sadness or anger or bitterness creep up, stop and ask yourself some questions. Ok, why am I feeling this way right now? Have I made any choices lately that are leading to these feelings? Am I consciously choosing to be bitter right now instead of letting go and finding peace? Most often we don’t stop and ask ourselves these questions. We simply just feel whatever comes and goes. We think we have no control at all but in reality we have a lot more than we think.

You can choose to be happy today. It doesn’t mean you will be jumping off the walls with glee but you can still choose to have more loving thoughts than you would if you chose to be angry instead.

You can choose joy. You can choose gratitude. You can choose positivity. You can choose cheerfulness.

Or you can choose bitterness. Unhappiness. Anger. Resentment. Unforgiveness. And whatever else that breeds negative emotions and feelings.

The choice is yours. Choose wisely.


Christina Ciro