Keep swimming.

Very short post today. Very sorry folks! Today was one of those days where “it really sucked” is just an understatement.

I am unbelievably stressed out at work. I am unbelievably stressed out in my personal life. And my mental health is barely hanging on for the ride once more.

It’s crazy how things can just up and change in a flash of a second but that’s how life is, I suppose – unpredictable. But I trying my hardest to stay afloat. To just keep swimming as Dory says. So that’s my challenge for you all today who are having just as rough of a time or a life.

The Self Love Daily challenge #013: just keep swimming.

Keep your head up. I’m sure these momentary troubles will pass. Just keep moving through the storm. Keep swimming. Keep paddling. Do whatever it takes to stay afloat. It will be ok! I promise! It will be!

I’m saying that to both you and I today. So keep swimming friends. I love you!


Christina Ciro