Don’t Forget to Say Thank You!


So this week has been bit off for me, overall and thank God tomorrow is Friday because I am more than ready for it. But today, was actually kind of nice. Not because it went smoothly, but because a simple kind word from one of my dear friends made my day. It’s that easy, my friends. It’s amazing how a short but sweet sentiment from the heart can really turn around your entire day.

It happened out of the blue. My best friend texted me, “i just wanted to let you know that I am so grateful for our friendship and for the many warm memories we have made together over the years.” I wasn’t even expecting it, but immediately a genuine smile appeared on my face and I felt a deep sense of gratitude. I was loved. And it only took a few simple words to make me feel that way. I felt appreciated. I felt like I was important to someone. I felt happy and blessed to even have her to call as my friend.

What if we told the people we loved and cared about more often how thankful we were for them in our lives? Imagine how happy we would make them feel? How much better their days would run? Or how our words of gratitude can give them a sense of purpose and meaning? What if we took it a step further and told the people we work with how much we appreciated them? Or even the strangers who make our coffee at Starbucks? Or who bag our groceries? What if we all showed a bit more gratitude and thankfulness towards others?

Wouldn’t it just make the world such a more happier, loving place. Wouldn’t people feel happier and loved, which would then encourage them to be kinder to others and more helpful? Imagine how much good it would keep spreading. But yet, why do we avoid speaking gratitude and kindness towards others? Why are we so afraid to simply say thank you? Is it because of our own pride? Because we feel that we are too good to say “thank you”? Or that maybe we automatically deserve others kindness so why should we even have to thank them in the first place? Or because it’s their job? Or because it’s expected? What keeps us from simply saying thank you? Why are we so afraid of it as if it is some kind of taboo to say?

The Self Love Daily Challenge #015: Be sure to show kindness and gratitude toward the people you love and come across today. 

Today i dare you to thank those who surround you throughout the day. Thank your family. Thank your significant other. Thank your boss. Thank your co-workers. Thank you friends. Thank your barista. Thank your gardener. Thank your cashier. Thank whoever you come across that makes a difference in your life so that you can return the favor and make a difference in theirs by making them feel appreciated and loved.

It’s not hard. It’s a simple thank you. Even if you don’t want to make it super specific or detailed, just simply say, “hey I just wanted to thank you today for the difference you make in my life.” You have no idea what a difference it will make in theirs just to hear those words. And in return, it will make you a better person. It will make you more humble. It will make you feel more thankful. It will make you feel more appreciative. And remember whatever you give, you will also get in return. So if you give love, you will receive love. If you give appreciation, you will receive appreciation.

My friend had the right idea this morning when she decided to open up her heart and tell me how much I meant to her. And it’s not only about the good feelings it gave me, but rather it encouraged me to open up my heart and show gratitude to others as well. And I hope that when I decide to show gratitude towards others that I love, it will also encourage them to do the same to others they love and so on and so forth. And with that practice we will begin to slowly spread love and kindness throughout the world.

So keep the practice going, my friends. Here i’ll start:

I am thankful for all of you who follow my blog or read any of my posts. It truly makes a difference in my life knowing that my writing is making a difference in yours.

Much love,


Christina Ciro