Sunday Stillness.


Happy Sunday everybody! I know, Sunday’s aren’t really the happiest of days because they are always a reminder that Monday is just around the corner. But let’s try to stay positive here and find some sort of joy in our day.

Let’s talk a bit about stillness. How do we find stillness? What is the purpose of it? Well stillness is found when we completely stop and bring our awareness to the present moment. We can find stillness by physically stop our minds and moving our bodies and just sitting in the present moment, soaking in with our five senses all that surrounds us.

The purpose of stillness is to quiet the racing mind and find a sense of peace so that eventually we can find renewal and rejuvenation. Stillness brings inner peace as well as physical calm to our minds and bodies. How do we practice stillness in our everyday lives? Well, we can make a conscious effort to sit still for five minutes out of our hectic lives. Just five minutes a day can definitely have enormous benefits.

Today I practiced stillness by sitting on the grass with my dog and watching all that surrounded me. I watched the golden rays of the sun filter through the trees. I watched as the wind made the blades of grass dance before me. I watched the peace in my dog as he sat chewing his bone. I felt calm in my body and in my mind. It wasn’t racing. It wasn’t thinking about my to do list. I wasn’t even thinking about the upcoming work week. It was a pure moment of complete stillness.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #018: Practice stillness.

Take 5 minutes and become still with yourself. Become aware of all your senses. Find peace within yourself. Find beauty in the calm.


Christina Ciro