Foot Soaks FTW!


Periodically, I will have a few short posts here and there just because sometimes I don’t have that much to say and it’s good to share little tips here and there of how you can show love to yourself more; and usually those kinds of posts aren’t as long as the more “life lesson-y” ones are.

So today’s post is short but still valuable! Let me tell you a little bit about my new found love of Epsom salts. I know they have been around forever but I am just now discovering how amazing these cheap but hardly little minerals are. Epsom salts are basically the minerals magnesium and sulfate, both of which is very healthy for the body, magnesium especially since most people today are magnesium deficient.

They can be used as a stress reliever in the form of a foot soak or full body bath. They are great for sore muscles and aches and pains. They eliminate toxins from the body. They replenish the bodies magnesium levels. They are excellent for constipation relief. They even help muscle and nerve function! I’m sure there are a hundred other things they are good for but from my personal experience, I’ve used Epsom salts mainly for stress relief and getting my dose of magnesium.

I place about half a cup to 1 cup into the bath and soak in there for about 20 minutes. Sometimes I will buy the scented kinds that are made especially for stress relief that have essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus or mint to relieve tension and relax my busy mind. Just the thought of being in warm, relaxing scented water already melts my stress away. The magnesium even helps me sleep better. After I come out of the bath I will start to feel a wave of calm rush over my body and I’ll immediately feel ready for a good night’s sleep.

Using Epsom salts is great for simply pampering yourself before giving yourself a pedicure or self massage of your legs and feet. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate an Epsom salt foot soak or bath into your daily routine. And men, don’t think I’ve left you out! There’s nothing more fun than soaking your feet while playing a round of Xbox. Trust me, it will make you concentrate harder on winning when you’re completely at ease.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #022: Try an Epsom salt bath to relax!

Try it for yourself. Epsom salts run anywhere from $1 at the dollar store to $6 for a medium sized bag of Dr. Teal’s stress relief eucalyptus scented Epsom bath salts. They are fairly inexpensive so you have no excuse. And they are good for your body from the inside out!


Christina Ciro