Do it Anyway.


I have a bit of writer’s block today, partly because I just don’t really feel like writing today because I’m running out of blog post ideas and partly because i’m just in one of those low moods again. I mean it hasn’t been the worst day ever, but it hasn’t been the best either. But it’s ok. Not every day is going to be all uppity and filled with joy. So what do we do? We make the best of it and do it anyway. And what do I mean exactly by “do it anyway”?

Do it Anyway – (v.) phrase meaning to push forward despite how you feel. synonyms: onward, just keep swimming, keep moving forward. 

There you have it. My creative definition for the phrase “do it anyway.” I think the purpose for this phrase is pretty simple. When we have our low days or moments, we really don’t feel like pushing forward and moving on. All we really want to do is go back to bed, hide under the covers for a little while until we fall asleep and wake up fresh to a brand new day in hopes that we are feeling more up to it. But news flash, life doesn’t wait for anyone to feel up to it. Life keeps moving forward despite how we feel and if we don’t want to be left behind, we have to move with it. So despite feeling pretty crappy or not being able to deal with anything, we have to just do it anyway. Not because we feel like it, but because it’s like a favor to our future selves. If we keep moving onward when we don’t feel like, eventually we will end up in a place where we can thank ourselves for not hiding under the covers and instead forcing ourselves to get up and move. I know it’s hard. I know that you will probably be all grumbly, but eventually it will ok. It always ends up being ok, whether it takes 5 minutes, or 5 days, or 5 months. It will be ok. But to get to that point we have to keep going. Keep doing it anyway, despite our feelings.

And let me tell you a thing or two about feelings that I have been learning. Feelings are such fickle things. One minute you’re happy. Next minute you’re angry. Next minute you’re crying your eyes out because you can’t find a single piece of chocolate in your cupboards (ok, too much?) But the point is, feelings are fleeting. They are constantly changing and you can’t depend on them for anything. One minute you think you’ve totally got it and you’ve found happiness and everything is just amazing and next minute, something goes wrong and your happy feelings go right out the window and your sad feelings decide to move in. Where were you happy feelings when I needed you? Why did you just leave me in the dust like that at the first sign of trouble? See. Feelings suck. So don’t depend on them. Ever. And that is where the handy phrase, “do it anyway” comes out to play. Because when you’re feeling down but know that going out to spend time with your friends will probably help you out in the long run to boost your mood and you don’t really feel like it, just DO IT ANYWAY. You’ll thank me. Or you’ll thank yourself really for making you do it despite what you’re silly feelings told you to do, which was to stay in bed all day binge watching Gilmore Girls (what? No. I totally didn’t do that all day).

The Self Love Daily Challenge #024: Do it Anyway.

Talk to the hand feelings. I’m not listening because I’m just going to keep moving forward anyway. I’m going to DO IT ANYWAY despite what you make me feel. And this can work for anything really. Feeling anxious? Too scared to try something new? Have a fear you’re trying to conquer? DO IT ANYWAY. Do it even though you’re afraid. Do it even though it makes you nervous. Do it even though it’s a risk. Who knows, maybe the reward will be much greater than you anticipated. Like that saying goes, “you never know until you try.” What if you go out instead of staying in and you end up having a blast? What if you decided to take that new job offer and you end up doing something you really have a passion for? What if you decided to tell that person you liked them and you end up finding real happiness and love? What if you pushed past your fear and you realize how amazing the other side of it is? What if you started to push yourself to work out and eat healthy and you end up feeling amazing and have a killer body? What if you moved to a new city and found some amazing new friends? What if you tried something new and found out it was your new life passion?

There are so many what if’s and we always tend to make them more negative than positive because we are just so afraid and our feelings have so much input on that. We FEEL afraid. Or we FEEL nervous. So we don’t try. We sit and we wait and take the safe path in life, instead of just DOING IT ANYWAY and seeing what happens. And if it does go bad, SO WHAT? Yes. that will be my next phrase that we will dive in to. Yes. SO WHAT if you fail. Is it the end of the world? Can you really not rebuild ever again? Yeah, of course it will be hard, but in life what isn’t difficult? Hard work + risks + action are the only ways we will ever get anywhere. We will never get very far by standing still, the only way we will ever have a chance at anything is if we keep moving forward and doing it anyway.


Christina Ciro