Pampering 101.


Ah Sunday again. I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday. I love them because it’s one more day off, but I hate them because it reminds me of the coming work week ahead. But what better way to make your Sunday a little bit sweeter than by creating an special unwinding routine to give yourself a little love and pampering before heading back to the grind.

Pampering is a wonderful thing. It makes you feel totally special when you treat yourself with some extra care. Many people don’t really know how to pamper themselves or think it’s time consuming because of it being a generally slow process.

Here is a sample of what I do to pamper myself on Sunday’s.

I usually sleep in until 9am and immediately eat a larger than normal breakfast. Usually pancakes or French toast, sometimes eggs, orange juice, maybe some form of sausage or bacon. Fresh fruit. The works. It’s always nice to take the time to prepare a special Sunday breakfast. It encourages you to start off the day right.

After breakfast, I like to tune in to online church services or read a bit out of my daily devotionals. I think it’s healthy for the mind to start off the day with the word of God. It gives you a sense of peace and inner strength that will carry you through the rest of your day and week.

After I’m done with my daily devotionals, I’ve digested my breakfast and it’s time for some yoga. I like doing a more calming, gentle routine on Sunday’s but still energizing enough to workout my muscles. Sunday’s are about being gentle with yourself, so don’t push yourself to work out too hard and break a sweat.

Then I will go about my day. Either having a lazy Sunday watching movies or reading all day or I will go out somewhere fun but relaxing.

During the evening hours is when I really focus on pampering myself. I will normally take a nice hot shower or bath. After my shower, I will give myself a facial – making sure to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturizer my skin. I will usually do all of this really slow and have calming meditation music on in the background or my favorite tunes. Sometimes I’ll even turn on Netflix on my iPad and watch a few episodes of my current favorite show. I will then move to my hair, drying it and then putting in a lovely smelling serum to keep it soft. After, I will moisturize my body with a orange jasmine scented body butter and really take my time, giving myself a self massage in the process. Sometimes instead of the body butter I will use sweet almond oil or lavender chamomile oil to really encourage softness.

Then I start to unwind even more by either doing a foot soak or giving myself a foot massage with more oil. I will put on a movie or open up a good book and make sure to stay off my phone once 8:30pm comes around. I like having some chamomile tea and light biscuits an hour before bed. And then eventfully I’ll fall asleep a little earlier so I will be refreshed for the Monday ahead.

So there you have it! My Sunday routine. I like to try to keep to it as much as possible but of course it doesn’t always happen that way.

The self love daily challenge #025: Try a Sunday routine yourself so you will feel better during the week!