Claim Your Worth.


Hey you! Yes you! I’m talking to you. You are amazing ok? You are lovable. You are worthy. You are deserving of so many, many good things. Your own love being one of them. But besides your own love, you deserve to be loved by others as well. And if they don’t recognize your lovable potential, then they aren’t worth your time, darling. Because let me give you a little piece of advice, you don’t have to convince anyone that you are worthy of being loved. You don’t have to chase after anyone, begging them to love you. You don’t have to seek their acceptance. You don’t have to strive for their approval. You are already amazing and you don’t need to prove it to anyone. The people who truly love you will recognize that. And the ones that do recognize that, will let you know. That is the key. It always has been the key. Anyone who does not work to keep you in their lives, is undeserving of you.

I cannot tell you how many times I have chased after people. Chased after their affections. Chased after their love. Tried to prove myself over and over again that I was lovable. That I was deserving of their love. That they could pick me. It is only until most recently where I’ve learned that this is so very wrong. That I should not have to go out into the world advertising my worth to people. Because I am already valuable. And to those who are special enough to have me in their lives, they know my value.

Yet why are we always doing this? Why are we always chasing after people who don’t seem to really care about our value? Who want us to continually prove ourselves worthy in their eyes? Why do we stick around? Why do we chase after them? I’ll tell you why. Because we don’t love ourselves enough to see our own value. And the funny part is, we are the ones who determine our own value. And when we chase after people like that, we are pretty much telling them that we aren’t worth much. We give ourselves away for free. And who really values anything that comes so easily? Sure, we’ll cherish it for a while. We’ll maybe even love it a little. But sooner or later, we realize that we didn’t really work very hard to get it, so why work hard to continue to keep it?

My message today is simple. Claim your worth my friends. Determine your value. You are worth so much. You are desirable. You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are worthy. Believe it. Please believe it deep down in your heart. Love yourself enough to believe it because it is one of the most important things you can ever believe in. And once you do that, your world will begin to change. You will realize that you don’t have to fight so hard to keep people in your life. That the ones who truly matter are the ones who will be fighting to keep you in theirs.

Determine your value. Yes you are worth being taken out. You are worth being shown affection. You are worth the phone call, the text message, the email back. You are worth being asked out. You are worth spending time with. You are worth being shown that you are valuable. Don’t settle for anything less. You should not have to earn love because love is a gift and it should be freely given to others. Just as you are giving away your love, you deserve also be given love by someone else. And if all they want to do is take and give nothing in return then it is simply not worth it, darling.

It has been said that we should give without expecting anything in return, while in some circumstances I do agree with this thought, however in matters of the heart, I believe that their should always be an exchange, especially something emotionally. When we love we are giving away our love, our hearts, and a part of ourselves that we will never get back. In return, I feel that each human is deserving of receiving that from the person they give away their love to. And this does not necessarily have to be only romantic relationships, but with friendships, and with family members. Just as we exchange vows in marriage promising to love and honor each other, I feel that as human beings we should love and honor each other as well by exchanging an unspoken agreement stating that you are just as valuable to me as I am to you. So that way there will always be an even exchange, and not a single soul will ever have to work at proving their worth to anyone, but rather we will each recognize and honor each other’s value and worth.

So this is my challenge for you today my lovelies.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #026: Claim your worth.

Do not allow others to determine your value, rather claim it yourself and know that you are valuable! Believe in that value. Honor that value yourself. Allow others to honor that value. Don’t sell yourself short because you are worth so much more.


Christina Ciro