The Power of Words.


As I sit here at my work desk trying to figure out what message I want to blog about today, I came across a note I posted in my cubicle right after returning to work after my leave of absence. I remember how many fears I had of returning back to work, returning back to the stress of the daily grind, and not knowing how my coworkers were going to treat me. So when I did return back, I made a point to decorate my desk with positive messages as daily (hourly) reminders that I could do this – I could get through each day.

One of the messages I posted on my wall was a very short, yet powerful Christian poem of sorts called “Forget Not” It goes like this:

Forget not to be patient with yourself.
Forget not the difference between good and foolish sacrifices.
Forget not to be happy now.
Forget not the why of the Gospel.
Forget no that the Lord loves you.

I do not know the exact author of this poem, but I thank them very much as this small poem has brought me such great strength each day. Each line serves as a reminder to myself that I use daily so I can make the best choices towards myself and towards others.

Forget not to be patient with yourself.

This being a reminder of having loving and kind thoughts towards myself each day. To practice self love and self care. To be patient with myself, especially on hard days or if I make a mistake. To be reminded that even I am deserving of good things, of love and of care.

Forget not the difference between good and foolish sacrifices.

This one kind of hit home just because I am a major people pleaser. Or I was. Not anymore. Yes, I like to make people happy and do nice things for others, but like the line says, know the difference between good and foolish sacrifices, and there is one! If you are constantly putting your own needs aside just so you can make others happy, then that is a foolish sacrifice my friends! We deserve our own needs to be met, just as others deserve their own needs to be met as well. We are allowed to worry about our own well being just as we worry about the well being of others we love. This all comes down to self love because when we love ourselves, we will want to take care of ourselves, and sometimes it does mean putting ourselves first – which is a good sacrifice.

Forget not to be happy now.

THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! Did I make that clear enough with the all caps lettering? I even want to make a special post dedicated to this one line because it is THAT important. But to give you a preview of what I mean…BE HAPPY NOW! Yes, don’t wait for tomorrow or next week, or next year. Don’t wait until things fall into place, or you finally get that promotion, or you finally find that special kind of love, etc. Be happy now. Be happy with each moment of each day. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be bad moments or bad days, but don’t sit around waiting for them to pass to give yourself permission to feel joy. You can feel happy in the present, you don’t have to wait!

Forget not the why of the gospel. Forget not that the Lord loves you.

I don’t mean to get all religious on you, but this one is important to me simply because I know that Jesus sent His only son to die on the cross so that I could have freedom. And that means so much to me. That is why daily I have strength. That is why daily I have courage. That is why daily I am confident that I am loved and deserving of good things. That is why daily I can walk in freedom knowing that I am saved and forgiven. A lot of people don’t have that kind of freedom. A lot of people are weighed down by their guilt and shame and mistakes and past, but once you find Christ, He will forgive you of all of that and you can be renewed into this person who has fresh start at life. And the best part is knowing that He loves me. He loves me unconditionally, meaning regardless of whether I am perfect or not, regardless of my past, regardless of who I am, even regardless of whether I even love him back. He still loves me. And that is a powerful, unfailing kind of love that all humans need. But I’m not pushing religion on you, I am just showing you how powerful my God is and how much He has changed my life around. So these two lines are a great reminder of that.

With all that being said, I encourage you all today to find a poem or a quote or any short bit you can tape up on your mirror or at your desk that you find encouraging and use it as a daily reminder for yourself. Find something that is encouraging. That will remind you to be patient and kind and loving towards yourself. That will remind you to be strong or courageous.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #029: Seek words that matter, that will inspire and encourage you daily.


Christina Ciro