Date Yourself.


I used to think that the idea of spending time alone with yourself was kind of weird, and almost pathetic. I thought that people who did that must not have any friends or loved ones to surround themselves with, or that maybe no one wanted to be around them. I never understood how people even enjoyed their own company. Wasn’t it lonely? Wasn’t it boring? Didn’t you want someone there to share your experience with?

Now that I am spending more time alone, I am learning that my own company is actually really nice. That it is not sad or depressing or pathetic in the least bit. It’s actually quite empowering. You don’t have to answer to anyone. You can do whatever you please. You can take as long as you like. You can do something that normally other people wouldn’t enjoy as much. It’s great. And when you learn how to enjoy your own company, many doors open for you. You begin to explore and walk outside your comfort zone. Sometimes you will find that you truly enjoy your own company and will even look forward to do it more often.

I’m not saying completely write off people or company, but don’t be afraid to explore being on your own. Learn to enjoy your own company. Learn to be alone. I think that learning to enjoy your own company is actually an art in itself because it forces you to explore deeper within yourself. You have to figure out what truly makes you happy. What truly inspires you. What intrigues you. What makes you sad. What makes you laugh. You’re basically dating yourself and trying to find out who you are.

We are all stuck with ourselves for the rest of our lives unfortunately, so there’s no real escape. We might as well buckle down and enjoy it. Try to learn a bit more about ourselves and our needs and enjoy it. It can’t hurt. And I think that when we do begin to take the time to enjoy our own company, we find that we develop a sense of confidence within ourselves as well. This is where the empowerment comes in because we begin to rely on ourselves more than other people to fulfill our needs.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #040: Date yourself!

Take yourself out on a date sometime this week. Go anywhere you want. It could be to a movie, to a restaurant, to the bookstore or coffee shop. Sit with yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company. If you start to feel restless or afraid or awkward, sit with those emotions. Tell yourself it’s ok to feel weird but with time you will become more comfortable with yourself. Treat yourself to something nice on your date. Take as much time as you feel like to go out. Maybe even give yourself a soothing self foot massage at the end. The possibilities are endless! And who knows.. you may end up falling in love (with yourself).


Christina Ciro

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