Just C-H-I-L-L.


So my world, lately, has been tossed up and down, turned around, and spinned round and round multiple times for good measure. In other words, it’s CRAZY. Yup. So many changes all at the same exact time. It can really drive a girl crazy. So what better topic to write about than the art of chilling aka taking some time to just stop and relax.

This is going to be a quickie post, simply because I have to go and do my own chilling here in just a bit. I’ve had a pretty busy day and I’m really beat so forgive me for not wanting to write more than a few hundred words today. But honestly, what is there to say about relaxing. We all know the basics of what it is and yet we are constantly shoving it aside like it means nothing. We keep putting it off or saying, “let me finish this first and THEN i’ll relax.” But folks, you know what happens when you continuously push aside that time to relax…two words. BURN OUT.

Yup. Burn out. When your body and mind and everything in your being is simply so exhausted that it cannot go on any longer. You literally will lose all motivation and not have any kind of energy to even function properly anymore. I’ve experienced burn out, it’s not fun people, i’m telling you! You feel so tired that just sitting still is exhausting. You can’t think straight. Your body feels out of whack. Everything is just wrong, wrong wrong!

So this is why it is CRUCIAL and MANDATORY to chill. Seriously. Just do it. 20 minutes a day at least. An hour if you can muster it. But please, take that time to chill. It doesn’t have to be anything special like going out to the spa and dropping $60 on a massage. It can simply be just sitting somewhere quiet and peaceful and just sitting. Just sitting. That’s relaxing enough. Just taking that moment out of your day to stop being on the go, go, go and just sitting still and chilling.

Trust me. You will thank me for it. Your body will thank me for it. And your mind will thank me for it. You will feel the difference when you take that time to relax, otherwise eventually it’s going to catch up to you. You don’t think it will, but it will. It’s inevitable because we were not made to function at high-speed constantly. Yes, sometimes we have to operate at that level, but we were also built to rest. That is why there is the seventh day of rest in the Bible. Even God had to do it! So why shouldn’t we?

So everyone please go take a chill pill and enjoy the rest of your evenings!

The Self Love Daily Challenge #052: Take at least 20 minutes of your day to simply chill. 


Christina Ciro