Fake it til’ you make it!


A dear friend of mine decided to post on my Facebook wall yesterday out of the blue. She told me that the one word that described me was “courageous.” For a second, it caught me off guard. When I think about myself in regards to my personality as a whole, the first thing that pops into mind is surely not courageous. Shy, quiet, intellectual, creative, perhaps? But definitely not courageous. I’ve never been the go-getter type. The one who makes all of these bold moves and really goes after what she wants. I’ve always been a second guesser. Planning my every move. Weighing the pro’s and con’s to see whether it would be beneficial to do something or not. It has always taken me a lot of time to finally make a decision, and even after I will still go back and think about whether I should’ve done it differently somehow. 


But then I started to think further. Why would she say I was courageous? There had to be some reason. As I started to think, I realized that lately my life has been a series of courageous acts. Ever since my “breakdown” last August, I’ve had to go through so many battles and overcome so many difficulties, that in truth, a lot of it required a great deal of courage. I’ve had to make hard decisions. I’ve had to take a lot of risks. I’ve had to really trust and put all of my faith in what God had planned for me. I’ve had to do things afraid or do things despite not really wanting to do them, but knowing I had to. I guess you would call all of this courageous behavior, would you not?


So yes. I am courageous. Thank you for describing me as such, friend (you know who you are!) You have made me realize that my journey was one fueled by this unknown courage that I did not know I had deep down within me. It makes me think that perhaps I’ve had in within me the whole time, but my fear had always covered it up. But now that I am moving into this “new me” I am becoming less fearful and more bold. I am looking in the mirror and seeing a lion instead of a baby cub. I am growing into my wings and learning how to fly. It truly is a frightening, yet all the same while, thrilling journey. But I think we all have it in us despite how we may feel at times.


How would you describe yourself? Today I would like for all my followers to write a list of qualities/adjectives on how you view yourself today and how you would like to be tomorrow. If you are shy or timid like I once was, try reaching for more bolder qualities for tomorrow. Let this exercise inspire you to be a better person, to be the person you truly want to be. Let it bring out whatever hidden qualities you have within in.


A quote by Paulo Coelho, that I found this morning, which really inspired me was this:


You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually, you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.


Basically we must fake it until we make it! Pretend that we are courageous until one day we realize that we always were, we just needed to force it out of hiding from deep within us. It’s difficult but I believe with the right motivation and mindset, anyone can achieve this. We can all be whatever we choose to be. 


The Self Love Daily Challenge #058 – Be courageous and bold!


The Self Love Daily Challenge #059 – Describe who you were today and who you want to be tomorrow, then strive to be that person.




Christina Ciro