Give what you need. 

So I’m going to make this a bit short because I’m running short on time. But I didn’t want to skip out on too many days. I know some of you eagerly await my posts and I don’t want to let you. But I have been incredibly busy packing, because, YES I am finally moving into my own place! Woo! Right? I am so excited because I finally will have my own place to call home once again. And I feel like having that really means a lot to me and how much peace I have in my life daily.


But onward folks! Let’s jump right in. 


The Self Love Daily Challenge #060 – Encourage others.


The Self Love Daily Challenge #061 – Give what you need to get.


I was reading bible the other day and set upon a verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, that said “So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. (MSG)” It reminded me how important it really is to encourage one another. I know we all want to be encouraged and motivated to keep going by our support system, but don’t you think they need it too? How happy would you feel if you gave someone some encouragement and they told you it made their day or inspired them? You would feel pretty thrilled wouldn’t you? That your words or actions meant something to someone.


So I’ve been trying to be more encouraging with those around me, or even with strangers. Even if it’s something small like, “Hey I really love your outfit today. You look so great!” That would make someone feel confident about themselves and maybe even brighten up their day. But mainly, it’s good to be encouraging in any form. Encouragement is something we could all use daily.


Second, I was thinking about how I’ve been craving love or affection, just because I have been pretty lonely at times. Not in a romantic way necessarily but sometimes you just need a good old hug to make you feel loved. So I read somewhere whatever you need more of in your life, you should give it away. So if we need more love in our lives, then we should give out more love. If we need more kindness in our lives, then we should give out more kindness. And so on and so forth. It’s really simple. If you want something, go and put it out into the world, and you watch how fast that thing will come back to you.


If we love people more, they will begin to be more loving towards us. If we give out hugs, we will get more hugs. If we be more friendly, others will be more friendly to us. So I think it’s really all about giving in the end, rather than taking, but the bonus is, the more we give, the more we will inevitably get in return without even expecting it.


So there’s my two cents for today. I know it was short. So sorry if I disappointed you. But good things are coming. Stay tuned! Keep on be your lovable selves. And hugs to you all!




Christina Ciro



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