Listen to your heart. 

This might sound a bit corny, but when people tell you to listen to your heart. Do it. I know the brain is a bit more logical, but sometimes true happiness and contentment isn’t found in logic, but rather in what the heart truly longs for. Now I don’t mean go and make stupid decisions based on your emotions. There is a clear difference between making emotional decisions, and following what you truly have a passion or longing for. Emotional decisions can be stupid, yes. Therefore, don’t base your decisions in life fully on them. Emotions can always change, sometime rapidly if you’re not careful. But what I mean by listen to your heart is, don’t forget about your passions. Don’t do life according to what everyone thinks is the right thing to do or what society feels is the right thing to do. Don’t live life according to some mapped out plan and forget about real substance like adventure, beauty, love, and unpredictability.


I was living a logical life for a very long time. Making my decisions upon whether it was the right thing to do for other people and what they wanted for me, rather if it was what I truly wanted to do. I wanted to work in film. I even started going to school for it. But I stopped because the logical thing to do was to take an offer at a corporate company that was secure and offered benefits and a future. I was a constant saver. Saving everything and never spending anything on myself, never enjoying anything I earned. Later on, because of my illness I had to spend all I saved on bills during the time I was not working. I made mistakes financially. Spent on others. Helped others. Gave too much to others. Everything was always about other people in my life. It was never about me. And I’m not saying that it should always be about you, because that’s a selfish way of thinking, but there comes a time when you must draw the line. When you must learn to value yourself and what you truly desire, and go after it, despite what anyone thinks. 


In reality, it is your life in the end. Not theirs. It is your experience, not theirs. It is your time, not theirs. Everyone will pull you in different directions, but ultimately the choice is up to you.


This year I am finally understanding what it means to listen to your heart. I am learning what I truly want from life. I learning what I truly have a passion or desire for and I am going after it. I am doing whatever makes me feel alive and well and whole. It may not always be logical in the sense that it is good for everyone else, but it is logical enough in the sense that it is what I need and what I should be doing.


I think when we forget to follow our heart sometimes, we begin to die a little. We lose that fire inside us. The light begins to dim. We lose our courage. We forget about exploration and we succumb to predictability. I don’t think this is a healthy way of living. And yet so many of us do because we are so afraid to let others down or to hurt our image we have created for others to see. What would happen if we simply just listened to our heart once in a while? Would we be happier? Would we feel more alive? Would we be more creative or passionate? Would we get more accomplished? I think so. I know so.


Ever since I began making choices based on what was good for me rather than what was good for others, I’ve felt more genuinely happy, as if I wasn’t truly living before, and now I am. My eyes have been opened to a new world of possibilities and even my fear is diminishing. I think that’s another thing that happens when we follow our heart. Fear disappears. Why? Because when we live to please others we are constantly in a state of fear that we will let them down. But when we follow after what we truly want for ourselves, there is no fear. Because there is no one to please except ourselves. Is that selfish? Maybe. But I think there is a careful balance with everything. I think we can still love ourselves without having truly selfish ambitions. I believe we can still follow our hearts and still work towards doing good for humankind.


A quote by Brendon Burchard I read that inspired this entry was this:


“The war you feel within – that restlessness, the unending uncertainty – is not to be dismissed, avoided, hated. That internal conflict is not dark, it is a beaming light trying to focus you, the rolling thunderous call of courage, the rays of greatness seeking to explode beyond your skin to touch once more the Spirit of Possibility. Listen to the restlessness. It is telling you to ready yourself, to let loose, to strive for the magic and meaning of life once more.”


Listen to that restlessness, my friends. Allow yourself to follow your heart. You know there is much more for you. There is so much more greatness that you have yet to discover. Follow it. Run after it. Don’t be afraid to seek it. Find meaning in your life again. 


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Christina Ciro