Hello all! 

Forgive me! I’ve been so m.i.a the past week. Moving is definitely a major process. Plus I’ve just been super tired aka lazy to write anything. This thing called life can really take it out of you sometimes even when it’s going pretty well. 

But some news for The Self Love Challenge. 

I’ve realized that writing a post every single day is pretty near impossible unless you absolutely nothing else to do with your life or you write for a living, so unfortunately I will be cutting down my posts to once a week. So they will now be weekly challenges rather than daily challenges! 

Two, we official have 1,000 page views! Woot woot! This is a great milestone for me since my blog is just a tiny baby blog still and only has about 33 followers, which I am so grateful for every single one of you by the way! But 1,000 views wow. I never even thought I’d get past 100. But let’s keep this thing growing, right? So don’t forget to like my Facebook page for the Self Love Challenge (www.facebook.com/theselflovechallenge) and share it, like it, comment on it, message me! Whatever! Just keep on sharing that love and goodness. 

And third, moving on to this weeks self love challenge. 

The Self Love a Weekly Challenge #1: show forgiveness to others and yourself.

I listened to a sermon this morning on the importance of forgiveness and how in reality, unforgiveness hurts us more than it hurts others. We carry around this kind of bitterness in our bodies that slowly eats away at us bit by bit and makes us grow cold towards society in general. We start to see the bad in people more than the good. We are slow to trust or even trust at all. We don’t want to open up or be vulnerable anymore. We simply close ourselves off because of the past hurts we have felt and really that is no way to live. Plus when we choose to not forgive someone, it really is only hurting ourselves. It doesn’t affect them in any way because they simply keep going with their life but we still sit in this constant state of aggravation. 

Who wants to live life that way? So when we forgive someone, it’s like a release. It gives us peace in our hearts. Yes, that person may not deserve forgiveness but for your own sake and peace of mind, forgive them. It’s not up to you really to say who is deserving of forgiveness or not because in reality God has given us ultimate forgiveness for our sins and he is ultimately the one who decides justice in the end. We are simply called to forgive as we have also been forgiven. 

So no matter how small or large the offense may be, work towards forgiving others for the hurts they have caused you. It may take time and a lot of effort, but once you do that weight will be lifted and you will feel a wonderful sense of peace. 

Write out a list of names of who you need to forgive today. Go through each person, remember the hurts they’ve caused you, and choose to let go and offer forgiveness instead. You may not forget what they have done but you will find peace from letting go of that bitterness that is keeping you from moving forward and living a free life. 


Christina Ciro

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