You Deserve A Life of Adventure.

I overheard someone say the other day how much they loved complacency. How they hated change and that they actually enjoyed the repetitive routine of their daily life. It caught my attention because for second I started to feel this deep sadness for this person. Could they really mean that they did not enjoy doing anything outside the norm? That, day after day, they actually found it comfortable to live in the same repetitive pattern?

Doing the same thing every day will drive me crazy after a while. Even now, I barely make it because my routine is still centered between work and home on most days. I need that adventure in my life to keep it balanced, to keep me from going crazy. I think deep down human beings were not meant for sitting around and doing the same few things over and over again. We were born for adventure, and while, yes stability is great and secure, it can get quite boring after a while and eventually stunt our desires to grow and expand and experience all that is left undiscovered in our small worlds. When we begin to get comfortable and stop seeking adventures, that is when we know we have settled. And trust me. Settling is not a good thing sometimes.

I used to think settling was great, that it was the ultimate goal. To finally get all my ducks in a row and live a stable, safe life. But as I begin to expand my own possibilities, I see that sometimes safety isn’t all that great. Sometimes risk and adventure will bring more meaning and purpose into your life. And sure, sometimes risk and adventure aren’t all that safe or stable, but I think the reward that is brought with it, is far greater than if we remained stuck in the same place.

A lot of the times I feel we often forget that at the very core of our being we were made for adventure. We were made to be seekers and hunters of adventure. We were made to explore and search. We were made to create and expand out into the world. Sure, maybe some of us are prone more to sitting still, but I think this is only because we have forgotten the thrill of what it’s like to follow after our own dreams.

It is our duty to ourselves to follow after our adventurous callings. I would go so far as to say it is an act of self love when we do.  Because when we keep ourselves from what we truly desire, then we’re not being very loving towards ourselves. We’re holding ourselves back from something great, from that chance of truly making a difference in the world or in the lives of others.

Today I was evaluating my own life and I felt like although I’ve been making an enormous amount of changes, I still have a way to go. But I’m making progress and that’s what counts. I was thinking about my job and where I’d like to live in the future, and I realized I really don’t want to be doing the same line of work for even another year and I really don’t want to be living in the same town I grew up in for much long either. It’s time to venture out. It’s time to take some risks and put myself out there. There is much more to life than sitting inside your bubble of comfort. The only way we are ever going to do anything great with our lives is if we journey outside of that bubble.

I came up with a plan today, or rather a goal to work towards, since things hardly ever go according to plan. I’d like to be ready to move out of town, as well as find a new job by Spring of next year. Six months to prepare. I’d say that’s a good goal to follow. Time is ticking and if we don’t use our time wisely, it will just be wasted away and then we will look back and wonder what exactly did we do with our time? Did we do anything great? Or did we stay in our bubble of safety because it was easy to do and waste away the talents and greatness inside of us?

I believe that every one of us has greatness inside. We were all made for some specific purpose, but most of us never dive into our true talents. We waste them because we are so afraid to fail or that we aren’t good enough or capable enough. I was listening to a podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert the other day and she was speaking about how most artists or even figures in general who did great things with their lives were hardly ever ready to do them. They did not prepare for years until they were sure they were ready. They just did it. They just went after their callings and figured it out along the way. And that’s how they became successful. It is true that the most significant step is the first step. If we can get past that, the rest of the steps will come naturally after. We don’t have to be 100% ready or prepared. We just have to be willing to do the work, to push past the fear, and realize that yes, it’s going to be difficult, but the result will be so beautiful that it will be worth it in the end.

My goal is to be a writer. And I will stop at nothing. I will continue to write and hopefully one day my work will be published or at least recognized enough to help others on a broader level.  That is my goal. To do this for myself and to do this because it is my calling and my duty to do so. I don’t want to be complacent anymore. I don’t want to live an ordinary life.

I want adventure. And I will seek after it. And so should you. Because that’s what you deserve.


The Self Love Challenge: Seek after your calling. Move outside your comfort zone and go after what you truly desire for your life.


Christina Ciro