Information Overload!


Hi friends!

It’s been too long. But honestly, I’ve just been busy. And I’m human. And we all get busy sometimes, so it’s ok that I haven’t written in two weeks, right? Forgive me? Ok.

Moving on. 

I do have something to share today! Something I have found pretty life-changing if you can stick with it. It’s difficult, I’m warning you, but I think it’s very beneficial in the long run.

So I went on this week long camping trip last week in celebration of my boyfriend 30th birthday. As with all week long camping trips, it was very peaceful and fun, yet also completely exhausting because of the idea of basically living out of a tent in the woods for an entire week. That means cooking every meal, cleaning everything using a wash bucket, and taking minimal showers. But it was, at the same time, quite enjoyable because being in nature provides an opportunity to disconnect from the every day hustle and bustle of life back home.

There are no time demands. No sense of time whatsoever actually. You don’t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. You don’t have to be on your phone or check your Facebook every five minutes to see if there are any new updates. You can go to bed when you want and wake up when you want. You can sit under a tree and nobody will bother you. It’s just you and the open air. Complete freedom. Something we don’t really get to experience on a daily basis because of the number of obligations and schedules we must adhere to.

But what I did notice that came from this kind of freedom was that my mood had changed drastically. Not because I had no tasks to accomplish or because I was technically on vacation, but because I was not filling my mind with unnecessary pieces of information – you know things like celebrity gossip, Facebook updates, Snapchat, Instagram, twitter feeds, gossip from coworkers, etc, etc. All of these things are unnecessary pieces of information that we overload ourselves with on a daily basis without even realizing it.

However, when I was out there in nature, I felt no need to fill myself up with this “mental clutter” and I figured out that partially the reason was because I was distracted by something greater – nature, the outside world, and being in tune with myself – and partially because it was not as easily accessible as it would’ve been in the city. Most of the time we fill ourselves up with this kind of information because we are BORED. Because we are not keeping ourselves occupied with anything positive for our minds. Sure, we may be being productive, but at the same time, we are constantly distracting ourselves with unnecessary information that we really don’t need.  Think about how much valuable time we are also wasting. Instead of being on social media or entertaining our selves with other types of unnecessary thoughts, we could be expanding our minds with things that help it grow or help us become better than what we currently are. 

I’ve noticed that because of all this unnecessary information overload, it has kept me from truly making any real progress or doing anything that is beneficial for the greater purpose of my life. I’ve also noticed that these distractions cause harmful or sometimes, negative, thought cycles in my mind that also bring me down. 

For example (which I’m sure many of you can relate to), my Facebook feed lately has been filled with many of my fellow classmates posting pictures of their engagements, weddings, new babies, or promotions. This quickly brings me down because I begin to compare my overall life to their highlights. I’ve noticed that it also kills my motivation and I begin to feel as though I’ve accomplished nothing of significance. All that just from browsing my Facebook news feed. But what if I did not have that information? I mean do we really need to know every single thing that is happening in everyone else’s lives? Sure, it’s great to share moments we are proud of, but where does it cross that line between feeling joyful and feeling bitter? Between feeling inspired and feeling unworthy?

What if we didn’t overload ourselves with that information every hour of the day? What if we decided to feed ourselves information that would only benefit us or further move us along with our own goals? Like for example, if I wanted to become a writer, why not feed myself more information on improving my writing skills, or checking out a new author, or reading a book review, rather than seeing if so-and-so’s baby took their first steps yet or not and then feelings sad because we’re not even close to being married yet?

So back to my point, I decided that from now on, as often as I can, I’m going to ask myself a question before I decide to load myself up with more information. I’m going to ask if by viewing these things, or entering this information in my mind, if it is indeed serving me for good?

By going on social media today and looking up what my friends are up to, will this further me in my own goals?

By indulging in gossip about my coworker, or complaining about how unhappy I am with my own life to a friend, does this act serve me by furthering me with my own goals?

By feeling negative about everything and filling my mind up with pessimistic thoughts, does this process serve me by furthering me with my own goals?

Does this serve me for good? Will this bring me closer to my life purpose? Is this have a positive impact on my life?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. And anything which serves us for good is the kind of information we should be filling ourselves with. Necessary information that will bring us closer to accomplishing the things that are truly important to us.

So-and-so’s marriage photographs are not going to get me closer to becoming a famous author. But researching ways I can better myself, will. And doing things that are positive, will. And believing in myself, will. We should be filling up our precious time with things that will benefit us rather than further delay our journeys. 

So let’s become more aware of what we fill our minds with. Let’s ask ourselves if spending, or rather, wasting time, on certain things, is truly benefiting us in the long run. Let’s start manifesting things that serve us and getting rid of habits that don’t.

 This goes with negative thoughts as well. By thinking negative thoughts or filling our minds up with negative thoughts, are they really serving us and helping us get better? No. So stop inputting that unnecessary information in your mind and start filling it up with thoughts that WILL help.

The Self Love Daily Challenge:

Ask yourself throughout the day whether the information you are allowing in is necessary and serving you in a positive way.


Christina Ciro