Connect with Yourself.

When was the last time you set aside time just for yourself? And no, I don’t mean time to go get your nails done or time to read a book or even time to do some exercise. But literally taking a few moments out of your day to sit with yourself and ask how you are doing. 

Many of us don’t create that opportunity. We ask how everyone else is doing but we never ask ourselves how we’re holding up. Don’t you think it’s time to ask yourself how you are? I feel that by doing this, we will become more aware of our own needs and find better ways to fulfill them. For example, some days we may be feeling a bit off. We may not get as much done as we’d like or we may be a bit sluggish at our jobs. And while, we may take notice of our sullen moods, we don’t really take that time to tend to ourselves. What if we just stopped for a moment and said, “hey, i know you’re feeling a bit down today, and it’s ok. So why don’t you just take 20 minutes for a nap this afternoon. I promise it’ll make you feel better.” But we don’t do that. Because meeting our own needs seems either selfish to do or too time consumming. And then we wonder why we always feel so unsatisfied or under appreciated. We wait around for people, things, or places to fulfill our needs when we are perfectly capable of filling them ourselves.

Why does it seem so hard to connect with ourselves? Is it because we are so distracted by everything else going on in our lives that we simply don’t make time at all for ourselves? Why do we find ourselves so busy all the time? We have time for Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, but we don’t have time to ask ourselves one little question of how we are. How unloving of us. It’s time for us to change. It’s time for us to become more in tune with  who we are and how we are doing. 

How can we accomplish this goal? Well, I’m glad you’ve asked. 

Let’s start with asking ourselves how we are.

What are we feeling like today? 

Is there anything bothering us? 

Do we hve any goals or intentions for the day that we’d like to work towards?

How about emotionally? Do we feel loved? Wanted? Accepted?

What do we need that we can give to ourselves rather than seek from others? 

Go ahead. Try asking yourself some questions. Don’t be afraid of being honest. There’s no point in hiding what you truly are feeling or needing in that moment. If you can learn to become truly honest with yourself, you will begin to find a deeper connection with who you are. Then, once you’ve accomplshed this, you can begin to work towards filling your needs. 

Need extra love today? Give that to yourself. Need a bit of encouragement? Talk kindly to yourself more often. Don’t really feel like being social? Give yourself permisison to call it a night and rest in bed with a good book. Give yourself what you need. It’s not selfish. I promise you. Somtimes, by doing this alone, it is a great act of self love and self care. 

Disconnect from the world for a while. Get off social media. Stop worrying about how you can make others happy. And ask yourself one question: 

How are you today? 

Connect. Feel. Dig deep. Give. 

You will feel much better once you do. 

The Self Love Daily Challenge:

Connect with yourself each day, asking how you are doing and what you can give yourself today. 


Christina Ciro