Bye Bye Future, Hello Present.


You know that moment, when you scroll through all the photographs on your phone and you take it back all the way through the years – two, three, four, five, six, seven years ago, and you see all these images of places and things and people, and of yourself and you start to wonder how many different lives you’ve had. All the different places you’ve been. All the different people you’ve met. All the different version of yourself that you were. We keep believing that everything will always stay the same but yet if we just look back for a moment, we realize that everything has changed. We’ve changed. The scenery around us has changed. The people in our lives have changed. Everything has changed.

There’s nothing really that ever stays the same as much as we like to sit here in our own comfort zone believing that it will. We falsely lead every single day of our lives believing that everything that we have in this moment will forever be there tomorrow. But it’s such a false conception. The things we have today, may not be the same things we have tomorrow. The people who love us today, may not be the same people that love us tomorrow. The jobs we have. The places we visit. The homes we live in. Everything eventually shifts. Yet we are so stuck on this idea that it’s not. That tomorrow will come and it will all still be there and that we can safely take advantage of it all today.

And while it doesn’t make sense entirely, this is why most of the time we worry about the future, why we are always worried about tomorrow. Because deep down part of us is aware that things change and we do not want that change, we want everything to stay the same. We like that certainty, that comfort zone. We like that idea of being able to take things for granted and knowing that they will be there tomorrow just in case we decide not to be grateful for them today. We all want that security of tomorrow. But tomorrow is just an idea. It is not a guarantee. And in order to lead a full life, we must live like today is all we have. Because in reality, it is all we have. Today is the only day that is guaranteed. This minute. This second. Right now. That is the only guarantee we have.

So I ask you, why continue to worry so much about tomorrow? Why rob today of its joy by worrying about something that you have no guarantee of even coming? Why take yourself out of the present moment just so you can worry about some future moment that hasn’t even happened? We fail so often to realize that the present moment is so important. That the only place that joy and happiness can be found is in the present moment. You can’t find joy in the future or the past. Sure, you may have fond memories, but you’re not there right now. And sure, you may have grand ideas of what you want your future to be like, but again, you’re not there right now. Enjoy what you have while you are in it. Enjoy the present day! Enjoy the present moment! Don’t be happy later, be happy now! Don’t feel like you were only happy back then, find happiness now! Right now! I cannot stress it enough.

I found myself doing it again. Worrying. Constantly worrying. Asking myself if my future was on the right track. Worrying about whether things are going to work out so that eventually I will end up happy. Then I stopped and I asked myself, why am I waiting to be happy in the first place? Why do things have to line up in the way I plan for them in order for me to be happy? What’s stopping me from being happy now? Just because I don’t have the things I want? Just because my life isn’t in “order?” Why can’t I still be happy with my life out of order? Why can’t I still be grateful that I am alive and healthy and breathing and living TODAY?

Isn’t it silly? I bet if we were told that we were going to die tomorrow, we would live our lives so different. We wouldn’t think twice about enjoying today. We wouldn’t put off things that could easily be done today for tomorrow. We would be living presently 100%. Because we would want to enjoy every single minute of it rather than wasting the precious time we have left.

Let me tell you one thing I’m learning. There is nothing more important than this present moment. The things you do in the present are the most important things you can ever do.

You’re not living the life you really want right now? Fine. Enjoy what you have right now BUT work harder today so you can change tomorrow instead of just sitting and wishing that one day you’re going to be happy and your life is going to be better.

You’re single right now and wish you had love? Fine. Enjoy that time right now anyway. Discover yourself. Better yourself. Form yourself into the person you want to be so that one day when you do find love, you can give them the best version of yourself. But don’t just sit and be miserable today and say you’ll be happy later when you find someone.

Your relationship isn’t headed towards the next level? Fine. Enjoy your time together now. Be patient. Get to know each other even better. Don’t rush into things. Be happy with where it’s at right now. Don’t be so focused on this “fantasy future” that you’ve concocted in your mind that’s making you believe that the only time you will ever be happy is once you’ve finally hit that milestone of marriage.

Enjoy the present moment. Enjoy what you have now. Enjoy where you are now. Enjoy who you are now. Because before you know it, everything will change and you’ll be looking back asking yourself where were you back then? Why didn’t you appreciate how good things were? Well because you were too busy focusing your thoughts on a future that hasn’t come and then before you knew it, the future came and you completely missed all those opportunities of happiness back then. Don’t let yourself miss out anymore on chances to be happy. Life is too damn short, my friends. It’s too damn short. If you want happiness, find it now. Be happy now. Go and do whatever it is that makes you feel alive now. Don’t wait until another day.

**This post was supposed to be a personal journal entry to myself. A reminder to start living more presently because I’ve been focusing too much on the “fantasy future” again and wasting time being upset that I’m not where I want to be. But I have to learn that my greatest chance at happiness is if I begin to live more presently. If I begin to enjoy the everyday things. The little things. My mom used to tell me this quote every once in a while to help remind me of this idea: “’Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.’” (Kurt Vonnegut)

The Self Love Challenge: Live in the present moment. Stop worrying about the future.



Christina Ciro