Love Always Triumphs Darkness.

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It’s too beautiful of a day to be sad. And it’s too beautiful of a life not to honor myself by doing what I love, which is to write. As Mark Nepo, a favorite poet of mine once said, “it hurts not to be heard or not to be seen, but it’s more deadly not to see and hear,” in other words, it is more deadly to your spirit to not create at all, than to live in fear that your work will never be received.  So with that said, I must continue to write, despite the challenges I have been facing over the last week.

If you have been following my blog, or more so, my Instagram or Facebook page for The Self Love Challenge, you would know that a pesky little individual (which I will not give credit to by name) has been driving me absolutely mad by commenting the most cruel, disgusting, and malicious comments on my posts. I do not understand why another human being would have so much hate towards me or towards anyone really, but this is the world we live in – where hate is literally everywhere.

But you know what is much, much greater and stronger than hate – LOVE. Love will always triumph hate in every and any possible way. Allow to further explain.

While at first, I was a bit disconcerted by this person’s comments and almost allowed myself to believe them (how silly of me, right?), I decided that the best defense against this sort of hate was a community of love to surround myself with. So that is exactly what I set out to find.

I made a post on my various social media pages speaking out against cyberbullying and how I had been exposed to it. I was overwhelmed by the amount of responses I received to what I said. People that I did not expect to even read my post, were responding with love and encouragement. So many others were responding with reassuring comments telling me not to worry, that I was incredibly beautiful no matter what anybody said, that I was such an encouraging person, that I write so beautifully, that I am so kind hearted. The list went on and on and my heart began to feel amazed by the loving spirit of all of these people who I had no idea cared for me this greatly.

See, this is what love does.

It always protects. It is faithful. It fights. It always perseveres even through any kind of darkness. Love is vessel of which God’s light flows through and it fights against the dark and always win.

With that said, to the person who believed they could throw me off course or halt my journey – I say, not today. The love I have within me and that surrounds me is much more powerful and much greater than any of the words you can say. And I will not stop spreading the goodness of love, even to you. Because hate will never stand for very long. It may produce temporary fear or pain, but it will never outlast the power of love.

I will keep on writing. And I will keep on expressing who I am, and to those who do not care for it, then I bid you farewell. You have the right to not read anything I write. You have the right to not look at anything I post. Why waste so much effort trying to hurt another human being, when instead you could lift them up and love them instead?

That is the antidote to all of the hate in this world. To all of the suffering. To all of the darkness. To all of the destruction and toxicity. It is love. It is always love.

Thank you for helping me see that. I may not have known my full worth before and was still searching for that concrete feeling, but after this, I know that I am really loved. And although you may never understand it, I forgive you. And I hope one day you will feel the exact same love that I feel now.

To my friends and family, thank you for encouraging me. For reminding me not to give up on my purpose just because of a minor dark spot in the road. I am grateful for this journey and I am grateful that I am learning how to truly love who I am, because that really is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Once you learn that, you can use that power inside you to spread light to everyone else.

I had another post that I had prepared for today, but I won’t post it just yet. This was much more important. But I guess in every post there is a message – so this one being that love will always triumph darkness. Remember that the light will always expose the dark.

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5



2 thoughts on “Love Always Triumphs Darkness.

  1. sorrygirlblog says:

    Christina I want to start off by saying I’m really sorry about everything I said to you. It was evil and you didn’t deserve it. I know your a beautiful person inside and out I can tell even just by your writing. I hope you can accept this apology. I know there’s not much I can say for you to forgive me. Whether we know each other in person or not I really hope you can find that place in your heart for forgiveness. I’m sure you will. You’re a great human being. Keep being awesome and enlightening others with your great blog. I enjoy reading every bit because I too sometimes find myself in those situations or simply just feeling down. It’s your words that bring me up and make me feel like I matter. I hope you have a great day and keep rockin it!

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  2. Christina says:

    I’m not sure if you’re the person that was leaving all those hurtful comments this past week, but if you are, and if this apology is real, then I do forgive you. I’m glad that you are able to turn yourself around and apologize. That is a very brave and courageous thing to do. I’m glad that my writing speaks to you and I hope that you will feel better and find happiness. 🙂


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