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Gosh. I am sooooo unbelievably lazy today. Am I allowed to say that as a wellness advocate?


You know why? Because nobody is perfectly happy and upbeat 100% of the time and if they are they are probably on something.

So it’s not a mystery that today is a major “off” day. And that’s ok. We all have them! And you’re really fooling yourself if you think that you can be “on” all the time. Honestly, I don’t even think it’s good to be “on” all the time because then it means you are pushing your body and mind into overdrive.

We need those moments of rest. That is why rest was created in the first place. And usually when we have an “off” day, it’s most likely a side effect of pushing ourselves too hard lately, which I am totally guilty of.

Sometimes “off days” aren’t a cause of pushing ourselves or working too hard. Sometimes “off days” are caused by sadness or anxiety or some kind of hard situation. And that’s even OK.

Today is my “off day.” Why? Well, probably because I’ve been over stimulating my mind too much lately – with all of this excitement, worry, then stress, then anger, then sadness, then anxiety, and everything else in between – I’ve been like a frazzled wire. The month of August has been pretty non-stop for me and I think my body and mind have finally had it. They are forcing me to take a break by creating this fog of laziness and I’m kind of thankful for it, because I am pretty beat.

I think I’m going to take this little moment for myself. Normally, I would guilt myself into feeling bad, like I’m not doing enough “important” things with my time, or equating laziness to something negative. But I really think it is almost essential to be lazy sometimes in order to live a healthy, balanced life.

Sometimes you just want to come home after a long day at work, change into your PJ’s, grab some popcorn and M&M’s, and literally do nothing except binge watch Netflix.

And I repeat. It’s totally OK.

So I wasn’t going to write today, but I figured it’s Wednesday, or hump day (weekend is almost here! Yay!), and I really am trying to write more often (here I am striving again) so why not make myself an example and write about how unmotivated and lazy I feel. Because that is exactly what my readers want to hear from me, supposed self love and wellness advocate, right?

But you know what I say, I say I think it’s great to reveal my imperfect side. I don’t want to be one of those “normal” wellness blogs that seem to be so encouraging and freakishly upbeat all the time. That is SO boring. I want to be more real – to show others that life really isn’t perfect and you don’t have to have it all together ALL THE TIME. I want to show that I still struggle and I’m still learning and that you shouldn’t feel guilty or bad about yourself if you haven’t been able to get it quite right. Because I don’t half the time. I think it’s important to be authentic and vulnerable. I think that’s what helps build a stronger community and allows others to feel at ease about their own issues. And that’s my goal anyway, to create that “me too” feeling. Because we are all in this together, whether you are too afraid to admit it or not.

But just in case you don’t really want to stay in your current #mood for too long, I do have some tips – things that I like to do to comfort myself and help me cope when I am in the “meh” mood. (see definition below)

 Meh (adjective): word describing a feeling of not quite being happy, yet not quite being sad. More so a feeling of laziness and lack of motivation. A way of describing an “off day.” 

  1. Write it out.

Even if you’re not a writer, doesn’t mean you are incapable of writing. When I say write it out, I literally mean write every single thing you are feeling in that moment. This is useful for times when you are feeling more emotional – sad, angry, anxious, etc. Your grammar, punctuation, or even spelling don’t have to be correct. Simply write word or phrases, even sentences of what’s going on in your head and sometimes that exercise alone can help you release whatever turmoil you have inside and help you move along to a better emotional state.

2. Walk or Exercise it out.

If you really aren’t a writer by any means at all, try doing something more physical. Walking or exercising it out through yoga or cycling or whatever, can actually help release a ton of pent up emotions as well. Whenever I feel particularly anxious, I make sure to do a gentle yoga session even if I don’t feel like it at first, because usually by the end, I feel completely relieved and can breathe again. Try taking a walk in nature or around the block. Separating yourself from your mind for a bit by doing something physical with your body can be a great solution to easing your emotions.

3. PJ’s and popcorn.

Sometimes you really do just want to wallow in your “meh” feeling and not get out of it through writing or exercising it out. And that’s ok. Give yourself permission to literally be lazy for one whole day, or one whole hour, or even 30 minutes if you’re really busy and have some kind of mandatory commitment. Tell yourself that you can literally just sit there in your comfort clothes and stare at the wall if that’s what you want to do. Or go all out, grab some snacks, put on some trashy TV and zone out. Highly recommended for days when you can’t even deal anymore or are just too tired to think.

4. Cuddle party.

Feeling super down? Grab something or someone super cuddly and just relish in that moment of affection. Maybe you have a pet that you could spend some time with. A parent? A sibling? A friend? A significant other? I’ve read that hugging releases oxytocin (the happy chemical) in the brain which can give us a huge boost of warm and fuzzy feelings. Maybe you two can even have a lazy day together.

5.  Treat Yo’ Self.

Who says money can’t buy happiness? Just kidding. But it doesn’t hurt to go an indulge in a little present for yourself. Maybe you’ve been eyeing a new book or a cupcake from your favorite bakery. Why not treat yourself on an “off day”? There’s no need to wait for special occasions. We are all deserving of a little self love and treating ourselves to something small is a great way to show it. Whenever I feel “meh”, I make sure to try to do something nice for myself – most of the time it involves some form of chocolate. Just saying.

So. That’s my post. It might be a lot of fluff and nothing too deep. But I still think it’s a worthwhile read, especially when you’re feeling a bit “meh” like I am. The other thing I want to strain before I go and have my own lazy day is to make sure you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT guilt yourself for feeling like this. There is no reason for us to be striving to feel and be 100% perfect and happy all the time, so when we do feel off balance, let us not indulge in making ourselves feel bad. That is self love rule #1. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. And shaming ourselves is not being kind.

Well, folks. Off I go to Netflix land. I will be indulging in plenty of chocolate and probably finishing off the last season of Mad Men. I wish you all a very happy (lazy) Wednesday.

The Self Love Challenge:

Feeling a bit off? Give yourself permission to have an “off day.” Be lazy. Rest. Rejuvenate. Relax. Don’t push yourself into believing you must be doing something important all the time in order to feel like you are enough. If you’re tired, overwhelmed, anxious, sad, angry, or anything related – then just chill. It’s OK.



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