10 Things I Love About You.

Hi friends.

So I’m having a bit of writer’s block this week. Not sure why. Just haven’t really been that inspired, or maybe it’s the weather (gloomy and rainy all week). Yes. That’s it. I’ll blame it on the weather. But anyway, so I figured I have to try to at least make some sort of effort to write SOMETHING so you all won’t lose interest.

So this is what I came up with. A writing exercise, to help you recognize why you are so awesome and deserving of love (ESPECIALLY  your own love). Excuse me for the short post, but here we go!

The exercise is called “10 things I love about you.” (Yes, the movie reference was intentional –I love that movie – Heath Ledger ahh – sorry boyfriend) You being…well you! So what I want you to do is write out what you love about yourself. It could be anything. Maybe you really love your eyes and think they are an exceptionally beautiful green color. Maybe you like the way you can always think on your feet and solve problems quickly. Maybe you’re really good at tennis and your passion shines through when you play. Maybe you’re good at listening to people or giving advice or being that shoulder to cry on. Go ahead. Now is not the time to be modest. Just list ten things you love about yourself.

Seriously. Think deep if you have to. Remember you are a beautiful human being and you are deserving of love. You are enough. You are talented. You are worthy. You are funny and smart and quirky. Yes. There’s one. Think of your quirks. It’s ok to love those too! Maybe if you’re extra clumsy and sometimes it’ll get a laugh out of people. Remember my last post? It’s ok to not be so serious. You can laugh at yourself and love yourself for being silly. And don’t let you answers be short and vague (ex: I love my nose.) Say why. Go into detail. Recognize your strengths! 

The purpose of this exercise is so that you don’t have to wait for others to tell you why you’re so great. Because when we do that, we’re just waiting for that affirmation of someone to say, “hey I think you’re amazing!” and then when we get that affirmation, only then will we believe we are truly amazing. But it shouldn’t have to work that way. We are AMAZING people regardless of what anyone says or thinks of us. And we need to recognize that! That’s what self love is all about. It’s about recognizing our own value and worth. And no, it’s not arrogant and no, you’re not a narcissist if you start thinking of ways you are so great. So. Go ahead. Your turn. I’ll even take a whack at it myself.

Here is my list of 10 things I love about ME:

  1. I love how even when I don’t feel like writing, I can somehow still write because I am a great writer and I recognize my talent!
  2. I love my eyes. They are exotic and remind me of my mom.
  3. I love my body. The more I exercise, the more beautiful I am beginning to feel and not in this crazy, skinny, unhealthy way, but in a feeling-good-healthy way!
  4. I love how I can make up songs on the piano off the top of my head and I don’t know how to read music so that seems incredibly amazing to me to have a gift like that with music.
  5. I love how I am a good listener and somehow I can always make people feel comfortable opening up to me. Bonus: I love how I am able to help so many others with what advice I give. I love my compassion and giving nature.
  6. I love how creative I am. How I have so many creative passions like writing, art, music, and photography.
  7. I love my hunger for learning. I love how I can read almost anything and find an interest in it and even retain most of the knowledge I learn.
  8. I love that I am a romantic. That I believe in love and that I will always believe in it. I love that I have a good heart and believe in the best of people because of this love of love.
  9. I love who I am constantly growing into. That as time goes on, I get better with age. That I am changing and morphing into an even better person each day.
  10. I love that I am a daughter of Christ. That I recognize myself as a conqueror and warrior in Christ. That my love for Him shines through my being. And that my love for others comes from His ability to love me.

Wow. That was kind of hard, I must admit. But it was refreshing at the same time. It forced me to take a good look at myself and what I actually love about myself. And they weren’t just vague answers. I really thought about each one. And now I feel like I want to write more, or at least think about more. It boosted my own self esteem and it also made me feel loved, which ultimately was the goal of this exercise.

So I challenge you. What do you love about you?

The Self Love Challenge: Do the 10 things I love about you exercise, then after see how it makes you feel after recognizing what you love about yourself. Write it out.


Christina Ciro