Love Remains. 


I’ve been having these thoughts lately about the purpose of life or my life rather because currently I am at a crossroad on which direction to take next concerning my job, as well as other things that are important. And it’s usually when we are facing a major decision or key moment in our lives when we begin to think about our purpose. We ask ourselves how much impact this decision would really make on our lives? How would things change or would they not change much at all? We begin to wonder whether this decision will be something that would affect how we are seen to others. All these important factors come into play when we are making an important decision regarding our life purpose. But in end, I’m starting to realize that our life purpose really isn’t about how successful we were or what things we have acquired or who we are better than. Sure, people may remember some of those things for a while like the time you received an award for your work on a major project that led the company to financial success, but in the end doesn’t all that fade away eventually – in 30,40,50,100 years? Shouldn’t we invest in something more eternal? Something that would impact others more deeply? Like love…

I’m not saying to give up on finding success but what I am saying is to also focus on something that will remain – like love. Love is eternal. And how we loved creates a lasting impact on the lives of others for years. People still remember how the love of Mother Theresa helped impact many lives. Something so small as her acts of kindness created change throughout many generations.

I always wonder when we die and (hopefully) make to heaven if one of the questions God will ask of us is if we loved (others). I’m sure He will ask us this because He was the originator of love in the first place and loved us first so that we would turn around and love others. So I feel like loving others is an extremely important act we must perform otherwise God would have not strained it’s importance of loving others in the Bible as often as He did (John 13:34).

I believe it is so important to do everything in love (1 Corinthians 16:13-14). What do I mean by that? When we do everything with the basis of love, we are doing it for the good of others rather than our own selfish ambition. When we are constantly worried about our own gains, we don’t leave room for impacting the lives of other people. If we are only concerned with what we can achieve or how we can get ahead, how satisfying of life do you believe you will have? Wouldn’t you look back and feel kind of empty, because the only life you impacted was your own? But what if you lived a life where you gave love freely to others and committed acts of kindness throughout your life; wouldn’t you look back and feel so full of joy because you left an imprint of love on so many hearts?

I learned something new today – that when we are able to love others, that is the only time we will ever begin to feel true joy. Because instead of focusing inward and seeking our own happiness, which is usually fleeting and temporary, we focus outward instead, and produce a long lasting feeling of joy that comes from loving other people.

Love doesn’t always have to mean romance either. It can be brotherly love, sisterly love, friendship love, coworker love, stranger love, animal love, etc. Love can take on many forms. Love is a form of kindness, so we can show that to just about anyone and anything. Showing love can also mean changing our personality. If usually we are cold and unfriendly or distant from others, we can turn ourselves around, ask God to help change our stone cold hearts, and begin to look at the world and other people in a friendlier light. This way we are protruding out love instead of hate or indifference.

We can show love in the manner that we speak –using gentle tones or encouraging words. We can show love in the way we act –doing something nice for someone else or taking the burden off someone’s shoulders. We can show love by spending time with friends or family or even strangers who could use a new friend. We can show love by helping the poor, giving to the needy, or volunteering our time for a good cause.

Love is the only thing that will truly leave a lasting impact and legacy. People will remember your achievements, but they will remember the way you made them feel a lot longer. I was thinking about this as I began to form my decision. Sure, I want to have a good job someday, something I love doing that would motivate me to create each and every day, but in the end, is that really going to matter? Shouldn’t my focus really be on making an eternal impact of loving others on behalf of Jesus Christ? I’m not saying that I’m going to just quit everything I’m passionate about and focus only on this one eternal goal, but I do want to stop thinking most of the time in terms of what is going to benefit me or bring me more gain, and rather begin to think in terms of how could I help make the world a little bit warmer and make others feel more loved?

I’m starting small. Just writing this blog as often as I can find time. I’m hoping that my words and the things that I learn can help others feel encouraged or loved in a way and possibly impact their lives in a positive way that will trickle down and impact the lives of others they share their thoughts with. God created each of us with a unique gift and I know for me, it has been my gift of writing. I know that He wants me to use this gift to help encourage others and to help show His love to the world. So I’m trying my best to do just that. My goal in my own personal life is also to show more love to the people I care about. I know that because of my introverted personality I tend to be a bit self focused a lot of the time – thinking only about what’s going on in my own life or what I can do to better things for me. I want to step outside of that. It’s going to take a bit of time, but with God’s help, I want to start showing love more to others as well – caring about their days, asking how they are, lending a helping hand, etc.

Life isn’t all about me. It isn’t all about you either. So don’t believe that the world revolves around each of our own personal lives, because it doesn’t. We are in this together. Humans. Humanity. So we have to work together. To share our burdens. To encourage one another. To uplift each other. To give love and to receive it too. Because in the end, one thing remains – love (1 Corinthians 13:13). Everything else you do will eventually be forgotten.

The Self Love Challenge: 

Do everything with love in mind. From the way you walk, talk, work, act, eat, etc. Do it with a basis of love. 


Christina Ciro




Amazing Grace. 

 I know I’m a bit late here with the whole “love” theme, it being February and most recently, Valentine’s day, but here at the Self Love Challenge the theme is “love” all the time. Now it doesn’t always have to be about self love, even though the purpose of this journey is to discover the act of loving  oneself. But I’ve learned that self love contains many different parts. One being, obviously, loving one self. But the other part of self love requires us to love others as well. They work hand in hand and I think that is wonderful. Because if we only loved ourselves, we would be self-centered, and if we only loved others, we would be major people pleasers, which isn’t healthy. So there must be a balance. And balance is always key in everything.

Most recently, God has placed this whole idea of loving others on my heart. Sure, He wants me to love myself to by recognizing my own value and worth, but He’s been making it rather prominent that I haven’t been too in tune with loving other people. I’ve become too self focused. Always thinking about myself – what I feel, what I think, what I should do, how I should be. And while that is great for improving on one self and finding better understanding, it isn’t as helpful for loving other people. So I want to step outside of myself for a moment, or rather a few moments, because I believe it’s important to connect with others and have that gracious attitude that God is seeking me to have.

Having grace or being gracious is a vital quality to possess. I always used to get confused with the definition of what having grace or extending grace actually meant. I always believed that it was a type of forgiveness – mostly attributing to God in the sense that He extends His grace towards us when we mess up. But then I did a little research today, and after listening to a few sermons about it and reading a few different articles online, I’ve come to a better understanding of what it truly means to be gracious.

The basic dictionary definition defines grace as being kind, courteous, or polite. The bible describes grace as God giving us something we do not deserve out of His own kindness. However, through my own research, I have cultivated a definition of grace that I’d like to share. To me being gracious is showing a kindness to all. It is a humble attitude. It is a forgiving attitude. It is a patient attitude. It is extending honor towards others. It is being polite and in tune. It is recognizing that deep down there is goodness in everyone and finding a way to create that level of comfort with others so that their goodness will be able to shine through.

It’s quite a lengthy definition, but I feel it best describes the qualities of what grace exhibits. I must also admit, however, as effortless as the definition may sound when put into the terms I have described, it is definitely not an effortless quality to keep. We must make a DAILY conscious effort to be gracious, because after all it is not human nature to be selfless but rather self focused instead. And being gracious is the complete opposite of selfishness.

How can we be more gracious? This is a lesson I am currently learning, so work with me here. I am also learning that these principles of grace can be used towards others as well towards ourselves. So let’s show a little grace towards ourselves too (self love points!!).

1. We must extend more kindness to others. As simple as that sounds, it’s not. But we must try to be anyway. Instead of judging more, let’s step back and take on a new perspective. Instead of being quick to anger, let’s calm our wrath with a sweet word. Instead of showing hate, let’s show love instead. There are multiple ways we can extend kindness. Kindness can be as easy as just being polite.

2. We can be more patient towards others (and even ourselves). Take a moment to be more patient. Maybe someone isn’t having a great day, and acting a bit critical with you. Don’t take it personal. Extend grace. Allow for them to be human. Be patient with them and show them that patience by extending love and letting them know that it is ok that they are having a bad day or a bad moment. So what if someone is a little slow in your car lane. Be patient. It’s not worth blowing up over petty things all the time. Sometimes a simple act of grace can be the difference between showing love and kindness towards someone and making their day.

3. Be more forgiving. Just as God forgives us when we mess up, extend that same courtesy towards others. I’m not saying excuse their behavior if they’ve wronged you in some way, but I do believe we should try and forgive others for the sole purpose of finding that peace rather than building that bitterness. Plus, we’re all human (I say this again!). We all mess up. Wouldn’t you want someone to extend grace to you if you did something wrong? I also believe that by having a forgiving attitude, it helps build room for growth. Because then you won’t have that weight of shame upon you, and rather you would want to improve and correct whatever wrong you did.

4. Connect more with others. This is the one definition of grace I didn’t quite understand. What does being gracious have to do with connecting to others? It’s really about taking ourselves outside of ourselves by honoring the other person. When we honor another person we become consciously aware of how they are feeling, their needs, and what they are saying to us and then we can connect better with them, creating a comfortable atmosphere of connection.  When we make it a point to pay attention to others, we are showing grace as well as showing the other person appreciation and respect. 

5. Recognizing goodness in everyone. Being gracious means that we recognize that we are all human, that we all mess up, that we all make mistakes. It recognizes that there is an inherent goodness in each of us because God has made us in His image. Grace seeks out what is right before what is wrong. Another part to this can be when we do correct others when they fall short, we do it with love, another form of grace, because we recognize that there is goodness within them.

There you have it. My short little lesson on grace. I’m sure if you do your own research you can find out more about what grace means to you. As for me, I still need practice. I need to learn especially to be more patient with people, especially when they are being critical with me. This is my weakness. I know that when people are stressed or dealing with their own hurt, they can sometimes reveal that in their behavior towards m and I take it personal. However, I want to make a conscious effort now to extend grace rather than firing back with my own wrath. In the end, grace really is an act of love, whether to ourselves or others, because love originally comes from Christ who first loved us and extended His own grace to us. 

The Self Love Challenge: 

So Where do you fall short in the area of grace? Where do you need more practice? Ask yourself these questions. Maybe it’s with someone you love? A coworker? A boss? Yourself? Then consciously practice extending grace. You will begin to notice change from within as well – more patience,  deeper gratitude, growing self love, and genuine connection. 


Christina Ciro

Give what you need. 

So I’m going to make this a bit short because I’m running short on time. But I didn’t want to skip out on too many days. I know some of you eagerly await my posts and I don’t want to let you. But I have been incredibly busy packing, because, YES I am finally moving into my own place! Woo! Right? I am so excited because I finally will have my own place to call home once again. And I feel like having that really means a lot to me and how much peace I have in my life daily.


But onward folks! Let’s jump right in. 


The Self Love Daily Challenge #060 – Encourage others.


The Self Love Daily Challenge #061 – Give what you need to get.


I was reading bible the other day and set upon a verse in 1 Thessalonians 5:11, that said “So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. (MSG)” It reminded me how important it really is to encourage one another. I know we all want to be encouraged and motivated to keep going by our support system, but don’t you think they need it too? How happy would you feel if you gave someone some encouragement and they told you it made their day or inspired them? You would feel pretty thrilled wouldn’t you? That your words or actions meant something to someone.


So I’ve been trying to be more encouraging with those around me, or even with strangers. Even if it’s something small like, “Hey I really love your outfit today. You look so great!” That would make someone feel confident about themselves and maybe even brighten up their day. But mainly, it’s good to be encouraging in any form. Encouragement is something we could all use daily.


Second, I was thinking about how I’ve been craving love or affection, just because I have been pretty lonely at times. Not in a romantic way necessarily but sometimes you just need a good old hug to make you feel loved. So I read somewhere whatever you need more of in your life, you should give it away. So if we need more love in our lives, then we should give out more love. If we need more kindness in our lives, then we should give out more kindness. And so on and so forth. It’s really simple. If you want something, go and put it out into the world, and you watch how fast that thing will come back to you.


If we love people more, they will begin to be more loving towards us. If we give out hugs, we will get more hugs. If we be more friendly, others will be more friendly to us. So I think it’s really all about giving in the end, rather than taking, but the bonus is, the more we give, the more we will inevitably get in return without even expecting it.


So there’s my two cents for today. I know it was short. So sorry if I disappointed you. But good things are coming. Stay tuned! Keep on be your lovable selves. And hugs to you all!




Christina Ciro



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Confidence: An Act of Revolution.


“I decided to be confident one day, and then I just was. I think it’s a conscious decision. Everything in society tells you to hate yourself, but you know what? If you decide to love yourself, it’s an act of revolution.” – Gaby Dunn

I can’t begin to explain how much your life changes once you begin to see your own value. You begin to see yourself in a different light. You feel happier. You feel deserving. You feel like your eyes have been opened because a veil has been lifted. It truly is a whole experience to someone who has been living in insecurity most of their life.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always struggled with being insecure and having low self esteem. Maybe because I always felt like I just didn’t quite fit in anywhere or maybe it was because I felt like I wasn’t good enough to fit in in the first place. I struggled with not liking what I looked like, not in the sense of body image of being too fat or too skinny, but more so with my face. I broke my nose when I was little and it never healed properly so it has always been somewhat more prominent than “normal” noses and I was always made fun of in grade school because of it. Children would call me names or say I was ugly. It was pretty tough, and I can’t tell you how many times I came home crying because of it. And although, I am now past all those childhood hurts, other more adult insecurities have replaced them.

I struggled with not feeling worthy of being loved or that I wasn’t good enough or deserving of it. I always believed that I had to earn love and I would seek after it constantly by trying to be perfect in every area of my life so I would be deemed deserving. I never realized how unhealthy this was until I was in the midst of my “breakdown.” My mother was the one who told me that the reason why I felt so overwhelmed and out of control was because I did not love myself enough, and that once I began to see my value, my whole world would begin to change. I didn’t really understand what she meant. I didn’t hate myself did I? I wasn’t one of THOSE people. I had this idea that insecure people were equivalent to those crazy psychotic women that you see in films who are portrayed as the crazy ex-girlfriend who’s completely insecure. That was not me! I loved myself right?

But in reality, I didn’t. Because if I truly did love myself, I wouldn’t feel so fragile and unworthy. I wouldn’t be constantly seeking out affirmation from other people that I was valuable. I wouldn’t strive for perfection or go crazy over trying to hide my flaws. I wouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed of who I was or try to change any aspect of my personality or looks.

See when you really begin to love yourself, you begin to see your own value and how truly priceless you are. You begin to understand that you don’t need to be perfect and that imperfection is actually something quite beautiful. You begin to love your flaws because they make you unique. You begin to live according to your own standards and not try to adapt to any one else’s expectations of you. You stop seeking out other’s affections and instead let them come to you because you are worth to be pursued. You walk around with an air of confidence, which flows into fearlessness.

Having confidence is not something we are necessarily born with like a trait. Yes, of course some people are more confident than others, just because it is their personality to be more extroverted and outgoing, which requires a form of confidence. But in reality, anybody can be confident. Because confidence is a choice. We can choose it and we have every right to choose it. It may not come naturally or easy at first, which is ok, but once we begin to choose it over and over again, we begin to develop confidence like a muscle and it becomes stronger.

I feel like the first step towards acquiring that confidence is making that choice to love yourself instead of practicing self hate, as the world mostly tells us to do. It is a kind of revolution within ourselves because we are conditioned towards feeling like we must be perfect in such an imperfect, fallen world. But there is no such thing as perfect, and when we learn to love our imperfect selves, our confidence will also magically grow, and when that happens, our world will also begin to expand and so many possibilities will become available to us.

Confident and secure people are the ones who experience true movement, because confidence is what gives you courage to expand and grow. We can’t grow unless we take risks, and we can’t take risks without feeling a sense of confidence that there is a chance that we will succeed. And if we are too busy hating ourselves, instead of loving ourselves, we will always remain in the same place – unhappy.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #041: Make that choice to start being confident.

Consciously make that choice today to start being confident. Remember, with everything, it takes practice, but with time you will start to notice change within yourself. Go out and do something challenging, even if you fail, it will build confidence in you just for the sake of trying. Stop searching for other’s affirmations and seek your own instead. Practice self love, instead of self hate. Dress the part. Put on something that makes you feel good about yourself. Groom yourself nice. Walk upright and don’t slouch. Every little bit of effort counts towards creating the confidence you seek.


Christina Ciro

Singing the Blues.


Well I might as well go ahead and say. I’m suffering from a broken heart. This is why lately I have not been my positive, upbeat, “onward” motivated self. I guess a broken heart can really halt a person’s life temporarily. Your world kind of turns upside down and everything that was once routine and normal, is now completely thrown out the window. You have to change and adapt, and do it fast because life doesn’t wait. And if you don’t adapt quickly, which most of us don’t (this is normal), we feel like we are going to fall apart. And maybe that’s exactly what we need to do sometimes, so we can pull ourselves back together again in an even stronger way than before.

I probably would sound like a complete hypocrite if I sugar-coated everything I was going through and wrote a post about how we should all stay positive and try to be happy during our times of complete brokenness just like many other self help writers would do. So I’m not going to do that. And I know deep down those writers who do write posts like that are only trying to motivate others to not wallow in their sorrows, but you know deep down if and when they do go through their own kind of heartbreak, they aren’t sitting there in complete bliss and happiness eating nutritious meals, getting tons of rest, and doing positive activities. You know they are just like the rest of us eating the pint of Ben & Jerry’s and watching The Notebook.

So let’s cut the crap and find things that actually do make us feel better when we’re singing the blues. I know, I know, healthy eating and all of that stuff really does help, but maybe we can take it a bit deeper than just surface level “feel good” to get us back into our groove and up and running again.

1. Go ahead and reach for the chocolate!

Yup. That’s right. You know you’re craving it. So go ahead and chomp on a few bars. Now, I’m not saying go overboard and get chocolate wasted but it’s ok to self medicate once in a while with this wonderful God given creation. Chocolate is known to boost serotonin in the brain, which helps fight off depression. So go for it! I give you permission.

2. Be extra kind, loving, and patient with yourself.

For the next few days, weeks, months, or whatever, you are not going to be you. You are going to feel a whole new range of emotions and it’s going to suck. So be extra kind, loving, and patient with yourself during this time. I mean it. This is no time for self pity or self blame or self hate or any of that self destructive behavior. This is a chance for you to truly be your own best friend. Get to know yourself on a whole new level. And treat yourself in a loving manner, a way that you really deserve.

3. Go for a walk to clear your head.

I’m not saying you have to go out and break a sweat (unless you want to) but the simple act of walking is a meditation in itself. Do it preferably somewhere quiet and serene. Be present with your surroundings. Notice things that you wouldn’t normally notice. Clear your head of any negative thoughts or worries. Plus the movement really helps make the brain focus elsewhere rather than sitting with all your unwanted thoughts.

4. Journaling really helps.

Ok so you may not be a writer, or maybe you are, but either way, journaling out your thoughts and feelings really does help! I’ve always found journaling to be a very releasing type activity. Writing is great because one, it won’t get annoyed with you if you go on for hours and two, you can write whatever you want, however crazy it is, and no one has to see it or judge you for it.

5. Rest.

You’ll thank me for it. I know it’s going to be hard to sleep and you may even cry half the night, but try your best to find some sort of rest. Even if you are just laying on the ground with your eyes closed listening to some quiet, peaceful music. Rest is good for your body and your mind. It will help you get stronger. When you don’t get enough of it, that’s when the situation just becomes worse because all of those physical symptoms from exhaustion start to arise.

6. Do not disconnect.

I know usually I like to be an advocate for disconnecting from things. Learning how to be ok on your own or find happiness within yourself. But right now support is your life line. People will help you get through it, especially the ones that truly care for you like your friends and family. Do not isolate yourself from them. Force yourself to go out and talk. And it’s ok if you’re not your usual self around them, the beauty is they will understand! And while it is important to allow yourself to move through the process of grief, it is still equally important not to withdraw from life and the people who really do love you.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #036: Be loving to yourself even through suffering.

To all you beautiful souls who may be experiencing some sort of suffering right now, my prayer is for you all to find peace in your hearts, love that will surround you, and kindness for yourself.


Christina Ciro



I came across the above photo today and it reminded me of what I needed to do in order to get through the brokenness and grief that I currently feel.

Freely experience emotion with love.

Many times when we go through difficult periods in our lives we simply want to do just that, get through them. I mean who doesn’t want it to quickly be over right? I know right now all I want to do is fast forward to a time when I feel ok again, but I’m learning that the key to healing our hurts is to allow ourselves to feel our emotions, go through the pain, the sadness, the anger or whatever it is we feel, and to do it with love. Doing it with love is the most important aspect because in reality we have to show ourselves love during hard times most of all. We need that extra patience and extra care and extra kindness. It helps reassure us that we’re human and we’re struggling and it’s ok. That we will get through it but we must allow ourselves to feel our way through.

I’m going to be honest, I like feelings. I love the happy ones at least, but when it comes to hard feelings, I try to avoid them as best as I can. I deny them. I hide from them. I simply pretend they do not exist because I don’t want to feel them. They hurt. Why would you want to purposely allow yourself to feel something that makes you feel so incredibly sad?

But you have to do it. It’s like knowing that you have to pull off that bandaid eventually otherwise the wound will never heal properly. So we must do the same with our emotional wounds. We must feel these uncomfortable and mostly painful feelings in order to find true and eventual healing.

It’s scary I know. I keep telling myself over and over again that it’s ok to feel sad and hurt. And it’s ok to cry. And it’s ok to want to scream. And it’s ok to be angry. And sometimes you have to do that with yourself. You have to consistently remind yourself that it is ok! That you will not feel this way forever.

You will also notice that once you begin to allow yourself to feel, with times those painful emotions will lessen their hold on you, and instead they will be replaced with newfound hope. It will come, if you allow it.

So as a reminder to myself and to all of you who are working through any kind of sadness, pain, heartbreak, or hurt. Allow yourself to feel it. Keep moving through the feelings. And give yourself love through the entire process.

I love you all. Here’s to happier times.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #035: allow yourself to freely feel your feelings and do it with love and kindness.


Christina Ciro

The Power of Words.


As I sit here at my work desk trying to figure out what message I want to blog about today, I came across a note I posted in my cubicle right after returning to work after my leave of absence. I remember how many fears I had of returning back to work, returning back to the stress of the daily grind, and not knowing how my coworkers were going to treat me. So when I did return back, I made a point to decorate my desk with positive messages as daily (hourly) reminders that I could do this – I could get through each day.

One of the messages I posted on my wall was a very short, yet powerful Christian poem of sorts called “Forget Not” It goes like this:

Forget not to be patient with yourself.
Forget not the difference between good and foolish sacrifices.
Forget not to be happy now.
Forget not the why of the Gospel.
Forget no that the Lord loves you.

I do not know the exact author of this poem, but I thank them very much as this small poem has brought me such great strength each day. Each line serves as a reminder to myself that I use daily so I can make the best choices towards myself and towards others.

Forget not to be patient with yourself.

This being a reminder of having loving and kind thoughts towards myself each day. To practice self love and self care. To be patient with myself, especially on hard days or if I make a mistake. To be reminded that even I am deserving of good things, of love and of care.

Forget not the difference between good and foolish sacrifices.

This one kind of hit home just because I am a major people pleaser. Or I was. Not anymore. Yes, I like to make people happy and do nice things for others, but like the line says, know the difference between good and foolish sacrifices, and there is one! If you are constantly putting your own needs aside just so you can make others happy, then that is a foolish sacrifice my friends! We deserve our own needs to be met, just as others deserve their own needs to be met as well. We are allowed to worry about our own well being just as we worry about the well being of others we love. This all comes down to self love because when we love ourselves, we will want to take care of ourselves, and sometimes it does mean putting ourselves first – which is a good sacrifice.

Forget not to be happy now.

THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! Did I make that clear enough with the all caps lettering? I even want to make a special post dedicated to this one line because it is THAT important. But to give you a preview of what I mean…BE HAPPY NOW! Yes, don’t wait for tomorrow or next week, or next year. Don’t wait until things fall into place, or you finally get that promotion, or you finally find that special kind of love, etc. Be happy now. Be happy with each moment of each day. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be bad moments or bad days, but don’t sit around waiting for them to pass to give yourself permission to feel joy. You can feel happy in the present, you don’t have to wait!

Forget not the why of the gospel. Forget not that the Lord loves you.

I don’t mean to get all religious on you, but this one is important to me simply because I know that Jesus sent His only son to die on the cross so that I could have freedom. And that means so much to me. That is why daily I have strength. That is why daily I have courage. That is why daily I am confident that I am loved and deserving of good things. That is why daily I can walk in freedom knowing that I am saved and forgiven. A lot of people don’t have that kind of freedom. A lot of people are weighed down by their guilt and shame and mistakes and past, but once you find Christ, He will forgive you of all of that and you can be renewed into this person who has fresh start at life. And the best part is knowing that He loves me. He loves me unconditionally, meaning regardless of whether I am perfect or not, regardless of my past, regardless of who I am, even regardless of whether I even love him back. He still loves me. And that is a powerful, unfailing kind of love that all humans need. But I’m not pushing religion on you, I am just showing you how powerful my God is and how much He has changed my life around. So these two lines are a great reminder of that.

With all that being said, I encourage you all today to find a poem or a quote or any short bit you can tape up on your mirror or at your desk that you find encouraging and use it as a daily reminder for yourself. Find something that is encouraging. That will remind you to be patient and kind and loving towards yourself. That will remind you to be strong or courageous.

The Self Love Daily Challenge #029: Seek words that matter, that will inspire and encourage you daily.


Christina Ciro