Love Remains. 


I’ve been having these thoughts lately about the purpose of life or my life rather because currently I am at a crossroad on which direction to take next concerning my job, as well as other things that are important. And it’s usually when we are facing a major decision or key moment in our lives when we begin to think about our purpose. We ask ourselves how much impact this decision would really make on our lives? How would things change or would they not change much at all? We begin to wonder whether this decision will be something that would affect how we are seen to others. All these important factors come into play when we are making an important decision regarding our life purpose. But in end, I’m starting to realize that our life purpose really isn’t about how successful we were or what things we have acquired or who we are better than. Sure, people may remember some of those things for a while like the time you received an award for your work on a major project that led the company to financial success, but in the end doesn’t all that fade away eventually – in 30,40,50,100 years? Shouldn’t we invest in something more eternal? Something that would impact others more deeply? Like love…

I’m not saying to give up on finding success but what I am saying is to also focus on something that will remain – like love. Love is eternal. And how we loved creates a lasting impact on the lives of others for years. People still remember how the love of Mother Theresa helped impact many lives. Something so small as her acts of kindness created change throughout many generations.

I always wonder when we die and (hopefully) make to heaven if one of the questions God will ask of us is if we loved (others). I’m sure He will ask us this because He was the originator of love in the first place and loved us first so that we would turn around and love others. So I feel like loving others is an extremely important act we must perform otherwise God would have not strained it’s importance of loving others in the Bible as often as He did (John 13:34).

I believe it is so important to do everything in love (1 Corinthians 16:13-14). What do I mean by that? When we do everything with the basis of love, we are doing it for the good of others rather than our own selfish ambition. When we are constantly worried about our own gains, we don’t leave room for impacting the lives of other people. If we are only concerned with what we can achieve or how we can get ahead, how satisfying of life do you believe you will have? Wouldn’t you look back and feel kind of empty, because the only life you impacted was your own? But what if you lived a life where you gave love freely to others and committed acts of kindness throughout your life; wouldn’t you look back and feel so full of joy because you left an imprint of love on so many hearts?

I learned something new today – that when we are able to love others, that is the only time we will ever begin to feel true joy. Because instead of focusing inward and seeking our own happiness, which is usually fleeting and temporary, we focus outward instead, and produce a long lasting feeling of joy that comes from loving other people.

Love doesn’t always have to mean romance either. It can be brotherly love, sisterly love, friendship love, coworker love, stranger love, animal love, etc. Love can take on many forms. Love is a form of kindness, so we can show that to just about anyone and anything. Showing love can also mean changing our personality. If usually we are cold and unfriendly or distant from others, we can turn ourselves around, ask God to help change our stone cold hearts, and begin to look at the world and other people in a friendlier light. This way we are protruding out love instead of hate or indifference.

We can show love in the manner that we speak –using gentle tones or encouraging words. We can show love in the way we act –doing something nice for someone else or taking the burden off someone’s shoulders. We can show love by spending time with friends or family or even strangers who could use a new friend. We can show love by helping the poor, giving to the needy, or volunteering our time for a good cause.

Love is the only thing that will truly leave a lasting impact and legacy. People will remember your achievements, but they will remember the way you made them feel a lot longer. I was thinking about this as I began to form my decision. Sure, I want to have a good job someday, something I love doing that would motivate me to create each and every day, but in the end, is that really going to matter? Shouldn’t my focus really be on making an eternal impact of loving others on behalf of Jesus Christ? I’m not saying that I’m going to just quit everything I’m passionate about and focus only on this one eternal goal, but I do want to stop thinking most of the time in terms of what is going to benefit me or bring me more gain, and rather begin to think in terms of how could I help make the world a little bit warmer and make others feel more loved?

I’m starting small. Just writing this blog as often as I can find time. I’m hoping that my words and the things that I learn can help others feel encouraged or loved in a way and possibly impact their lives in a positive way that will trickle down and impact the lives of others they share their thoughts with. God created each of us with a unique gift and I know for me, it has been my gift of writing. I know that He wants me to use this gift to help encourage others and to help show His love to the world. So I’m trying my best to do just that. My goal in my own personal life is also to show more love to the people I care about. I know that because of my introverted personality I tend to be a bit self focused a lot of the time – thinking only about what’s going on in my own life or what I can do to better things for me. I want to step outside of that. It’s going to take a bit of time, but with God’s help, I want to start showing love more to others as well – caring about their days, asking how they are, lending a helping hand, etc.

Life isn’t all about me. It isn’t all about you either. So don’t believe that the world revolves around each of our own personal lives, because it doesn’t. We are in this together. Humans. Humanity. So we have to work together. To share our burdens. To encourage one another. To uplift each other. To give love and to receive it too. Because in the end, one thing remains – love (1 Corinthians 13:13). Everything else you do will eventually be forgotten.

The Self Love Challenge: 

Do everything with love in mind. From the way you walk, talk, work, act, eat, etc. Do it with a basis of love. 


Christina Ciro